Cosy Kitchens for Winter

Isn’t it weird that as soon as the clocks go back in October, it really begins to feel like winter? Whilst the extra hour of light does make it easier to get moving in the morning, the dark evenings make us suddenly very aware of the time of year.


Then of course, all the winter festivities are beginning to happen. The shops are currently full of Halloween goods, and Guy Fawkes night will not be far behind. London’s Oxford and Regent Street’s Christmas lights will be switched on next Monday 2nd November, and some towns – such as St Ives in Cornwall – have already beaten them to it.


Time is flying past, and most of us will be glad to see the back of 2020. And whilst festive celebrations may be very different this year due to Covid-19, it’s important that we still do all that we can to celebrate the good things in life with our households. 


So let’s take a look at some ways we can do this.


Your kitchen – the heart of the home


Whatever the size of your kitchen, it is likely to be the heart of the home, particularly during winter. The kitchen is the place where families gather regularly throughout the day, so it’s important to make it bright and warm and welcoming. 



When designing kitchens at Stone and Chrome, we want to make them practical as well as beautiful. More and more families are using kitchens as their main living area, so there needs to be space for everyone to do their own thing. This could mean a completely open space, with different areas within it, or perhaps a kitchen with nooks and crannies leading off it. It all depends on your space and your family needs.


The kitchen pictured above is a fabulous large airy handmade in-frame shaker kitchen in a barn conversion. There are different seating areas so that family members can get on with their own thing, whilst all being together.


The kitchen below is another example of designing your space to accommodate different needs. As well as the stunning internal space, this handmade in-frame shaker kitchen also has bi-fold doors onto a beautiful adjoining garden. Ideal for when the kids need to run off a bit of steam!



Fun family activities to do in your kitchen


With the combination of darker evenings, school holidays and Covid-19, it’s good to have some ideas of different things to do in your kitchen. Here are five quick suggestions that might help:


  • Making decorations

Yes it’s all about Halloween and pumpkins at the moment, but why not have a go at some homemade Christmas decorations this year? Whether you make small items for the tree or your own garlands for banisters or fireplace, they will be extra special.

  • Calendars and cards

Leading on from the above, another option is to help the children to make their own Christmas cards, advent calendars or calendars for 2021. A bit of creativity with card, glue, colouring pens and images from magazines (or perhaps last year’s Christmas cards) can go a long way.

  • Baking 

Some parents love this, whereas it fills others with dread! But if you are up for some family baking then there are many things to try, from simple things such as brownies, cookies and rice krispie treats up to marshmallows and gingerbread houses. It really helps if you have a lot of surface space to do this, for example a peninsula as shown in the in frame shaker kitchen below.



  • Jigsaw puzzles

Almost everyone loves a jigsaw, and they experienced something of a revival during lockdown. So you could have an ongoing jigsaw puzzle that the whole family can add to throughout the day. If you let the kids have a turn, that is!

  • Board games

There is something so comforting and calming about joining in a board game together. And it makes a refreshing change from screen time. Whether it’s traditional old favourites, or something brand new, it’s a lovely way to spend time together.


And when the kids have gone to bed, and you just want to relax, then make sure your kitchen features some extra special features to help you do just that, such as this fabulous wine fridge pictured below.



So for a cosy winter kitchen that meets the needs of all your family, look no further than Stone and Chrome. Come and meet us in our Camberley showroom and we can help you plan the dream kitchen that works for you and your family.


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