Dreaming of a white kitchen?

It’s that time of year again. No, we’re not talking about Singles Day. Or even Black Friday. We mean, of course, when predictions begin to be made about trends for the coming year.

Any predictions for 2021 are going to be a little braver than usual. 2020 has been such an unexpected year in so many different ways. So it can be difficult to visualise the return of any kind of normality.

But Houzz – the global community of millions of homeowners and design professionals – has stuck its head above the parapet. It has made some initial home trend predictions for 2021. We will look at some of these over the next few weeks.

Interestingly, Houzz points out that these trends have been very much influenced by the pandemic. Including the one we are going to look at today: white kitchens.

Why the trend for white kitchens?


Houzz reports on a significant increase in the number of people searching for white kitchens in 2020. White worktops are also seeing a surge in popularity.

This could be either because white is a peaceful and soothing colour, or because it implies a clean and germ-free environment. Both reasons link back to the impact of the pandemic.

As well as the white theme, the ideal kitchen for 2021 also has lots of space where different members of the family can co-exist comfortably together yet still have the room to do their own thing.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of Stone and Chrome kitchens which not only incorporate the white trend but also have plenty of room for open plan living.

Barn Conversion In-Frame Shaker Kitchen


We just love this spacious and airy barn conversion in-frame shaker kitchen. The beautiful solid oak furniture in this kitchen is handmade, and you will notice that it is actually painted neutral grey to give a slightly softer look than pure white. 

This stunning kitchen has a symmetrical design and is a clever blend of traditional and modern. It features a Belfast sink, pictured below. These have been fashionable for over 300 years now. The sumptuous Aga range cooker also fits in perfectly with this traditional vibe.

Yet the dramatic blackness of the Aga, the worktops, and also the island seating is in stark contrast to the lightness of the rest of the room. It gives it a distinctive contemporary edge.


Large Handmade In-Frame Shaker Kitchen with Island


This breathtaking kitchen occupies a vast space with distinct areas including different seating arrangements and even a pet corner. One of the most eye-catching features is a long L-shaped run of hand-painted cabinetry, complemented by a free-standing island.  The cabinetry conceals several other fabulous extra features, such as built in oak drawers, a huge fridge freezer and even a walk-in pantry!

Again, you will notice that the furniture is not painted bright white. The main cabinetry is actually painted in Farrow & Ball Skimming Stone, and the island Charleston Gray.

Nevertheless, the overall effect is light and bright, whilst again not having the potential harshness of pure white. The large bi-fold doors that open onto the beautiful garden space also bring additional and natural light into this impressive living space.

We mentioned the secret Stone and Chrome walk-in pantry, and this is one of the exciting things that we love about this fabulous kitchen. Just in case you didn’t believe us, see if you can spot it just above the left hand corner of the island in the image below.

At Stone and Chrome we love helping our customers find the look that is just right for them. Whether that means completely taking on board a particular trend, or adapting it in your own personalised way to create a unique look for your home, we are here to help.

So if you are predicting a new kitchen for your home in 2021, then why not come and visit us at Stone and Chrome to see a wide range of options that could form the basis of your dream kitchen.


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