Four Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

In our last article Six Steps to Successful Kitchen Design we looked at some of the important things that you should do if you are about to embark on a new kitchen project.


But what about the things to avoid? 


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. How often do we wish we had known about something at the time, rather than finding it out later on?


Well, now you can!


Here is our list of four kitchen renovation mistakes to avoid.


Not putting your own needs first


A new kitchen is a massive investment in many ways. And if you get the result you want, it is worth all the time and money you put into it. So it’s really important to be very clear about what your needs are right from the start. Don’t be persuaded to compromise, or to copy what someone else has. Stick to your guns, and go for the kitchen layout and style that you really want. Nothing else is good enough.



Not making a budget


Many people shy away from the concept of having a budget. They would rather just let things happen. Don’t do this! You need to be clear on the amount of money that you can realistically spend on your new kitchen. The obvious advantage of this is that it helps you to avoid overspending. You want the best that you can get, but need to know your limits. 


Conversely, setting a budget can also help you to ensure that you get the best kitchen you can afford. If you are not clear on your numbers, you can end up opting for cheaper elements for your kitchen whereas you may actually have been able to afford something better, which would last longer.


So you need to be very aware of how much you are able to spend on your new kitchen. That way you will get the best possible result but without breaking the bank.



Not planning ahead


If you want a spectacular new kitchen it is not going to happen overnight. There is likely to be a long lead time in terms of getting both the products you need and the installers you deserve. So you should be thinking ahead months rather than weeks. You need to be patient.


If you suddenly decide you want a new kitchen and want it fast, you may well be able to get something. But your choices are likely to be more limited than if you view it as a long term project and take time to plan what you really want and find the best people to design and install your kitchen for you.



Choosing the wrong kitchen company


Last but definitely not least! Assuming that you are not installing your kitchen single-handed, you will most likely be using a kitchen installation company. Choose wisely! You need to find a company that has both the experience and the passion to make your dream kitchen into a reality. A company that will help you to finalise the design that is right for you and will then create, supply and install your kitchen at the very highest level of quality.



At Stone and Chrome we like to think that we are that company. We would love to create your new kitchen for you and promise to give it the attention to detail that you deserve.


So why not get the ball rolling on your new kitchen by making an appointment to come and visit our Camberley showroom


We look forward to meeting you soon and helping to move forward with your wonderful new kitchen.



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