Is it time for a new kitchen?

As a homeowner there is always something to do!

No matter how new your home is, or how good it looked when you moved in, scratch beneath the surface and there is an ever-growing To Do list. And, whilst much of this is likely to be ongoing maintenance and decoration, there comes a time when you start to consider more major changes. Such as remodelling your kitchen.



But how do you know if it’s the right time to do this? It’s easy to be swayed by others: perhaps family or friends have just had a new kitchen and you feel a kind of pressure to do likewise. But a new kitchen is a big commitment, not just in terms of money but also time and energy. Should you pour that commitment into your kitchen, or would it be better to do something else? 


Here are three factors that indicate it’s time for a new kitchen.


Do you love your kitchen?


This is the most important thing. Your gut reaction to this question can speak volumes.

The kitchen is increasingly the heart of the home. It’s no longer just the place where food is stored and prepared. It’s the family hub where everyone can be together and special memories are made.

If you walk into your kitchen and immediately feel dissatisfied with it, you are not going to be able to really relax and enjoy family time there. Perhaps it’s time for a change?



Does your kitchen meet the changing needs of your family?


As we have just seen, in many homes the kitchen is the family hub. But the needs of your family change over time. If you have had the same kitchen since your children were toddlers but now they are becoming teenagers it’s probably time for a change.

Your kitchen needs to have space for the family to be together but also be able to do their own thing. It needs to double up as an additional living, entertaining and socialising space so that different family members can have a bit of independence. It also needs to have enough storage space for everything that takes place in there, which for some families may now include working from home.

So all in all, it makes sense to maximise the space you have in your kitchen and use it to best effect.



Is your kitchen as efficient as it could be?


Human beings are very adaptable, and we learn to put up with things that could be better. This is as true in our kitchens as in any other aspect of life. 

If you’re considering a new kitchen, take a few minutes to have a look around your kitchen and be honest about how efficient it is. For example:

    • Are the main working areas of your kitchen – sink, fridge and cooker (sometimes referred to as the working triangle) – within easy reach of each other? 


    • Do you have plenty of worktops close to all the above elements to make it easy to transfer items between them?


    • Are all your kitchen cupboards and drawers easily accessible without blocking access to any of the others when they are open?


    • Can your kitchen easily accommodate a few people or does everyone get in each other’s’ way?


    • Does your kitchen include family-friendly features such as a sofa, an island, a good-sized table and open shelving to display special items?


    • Is your kitchen completely safe or are there potential hazards, particularly for children or pets?


    • Are you confident that your kitchen appliances are energy efficient?



All of the above factors can help you to decide whether it’s time for a new kitchen. And at Stone and Chrome, we’d love to help you further in your decision making.

First of all get some inspiration by taking a browse through our fabulous kitchen gallery. Then get in touch with us at Stone and Chrome so that we can start to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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