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London Fashion Week is upon us once again, and one of the key things always to come out of it are the key accessories for the season.  So this week we thought we’d take a look at some creative ways of accessorising your bathroom.  Even if you are not currently planning either a bathroom installation or refurbishment, you can give an existing bathroom a partial makeover with some elegant and stylish accessories.   The image on the right shows a beautiful bathroom that contains a range of distinctive features such as a stunning mirror, clever storage capacity, spacious yet stylish towel rail, subtle lighting and an ultra modern flat screen television.  

In this article we examine some of these accessories in a little more detail and  show how they could make a difference in your bathroom.



A mirror can rmirroreally make or break your bathroom.  Many people don’t realise this and just add a hastily chosen mirror to a bathroom wall almost as an afterthought.  But if you were able to choose only one bathroom accessory to make a defining statement in that room, a mirror could well be the one to go for!  

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, and as well as looking spectacular on the bathroom wall, they have a key role in reflecting light around the bathroom, completely changing the appearance and ambience of the room.  The mirror shown on the left has inbuilt lighting which gives a doubly radiant effect to this lovely bathroom!



Display cabinet

If you’d love a spectacular mirror but are also short of storage space then how about a wonderful bathroom accessory that serves both purposes?   We love the bathroom cabinet in this image!  It combines a three doored mirrored cabinet with three glass shelves: ideal for hiding away all your bathroom bits and pieces.



Radiators and towel rails           

Why should a radradiatoriator just be practical?  Whilst yes, it does serve a purpose, there are so many stylish designs around now, that you can positively accessorise your bathroom as well as keeping towels warm and dry.  A must for the damp English winter!



Lightingrecessed lighting

Be it bright and radiant, or subtle and ethereal, lighting is a crucial factor in the ambience of your bathroom.  Changing the lighting changes the room!  We love this example here of coloured LED accent lighting that totally transforms  the recessed shelving into a feature rather than a function.



Sound and Vision

Sound and vision

In today’s time squeezed culture, why not kill two birds with a proverbial stone?   At Stone and Chrome we can supply a range of sound  and vision products to enable you to enjoy your favourite music and/or
television whilst soaking in a wonderful warm bath.  A perfect combination for those dark winter nights!




Champagne bucket

Champagne Bucket

Last – but by no means least!   How about a glass of chilled champagne as the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom experience?  Here you can see a fitted champagne bucket and two glass holders.  What’s not to like?!




So, how will you accessorise your bathroom this autumn?   Why not come and take a look at some of these wonderful products at our Camberley showroom?  We would be delighted to help you choose the ideal products for your bathroom.   Our showroom also has full-sized wetroom, steamroom and bathroom displays, fully tiled with natural stone to give you some inspiration for a completely new Stone & Chrome bathroom in the future!

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