Autumn Lights

As summer drifts gracefully into autumn,  with all its glorious colours,  I am struck by the parallel increased abundance of beautiful lighting.    The Diwali Festival of Light takes place this year on 23rd October.   The festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and on the night of Diwali,  Hindus light up lamps and candles – known as Diyas – inside and outside their homes.   Then we have Halloween with the traditional pumpkin lanterns,  closely followed by Guy Fawkes night with its radiant displays of fireworks.

Lighting can, therefore, be so significant and so special that I wanted to take a look at some of the ways that this can be reflected in a bathroom.    The right kind of lighting can be the perfect finishing touch to a dream bathroom but if inadequate lighting is added in almost as an afterthought it can impact on the whole ambience of your lovely bathroom.

Light and Shade

There are times when you need glorious bright light in your bathroom.   Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 07.21.49For example,  trying to perfect your make up in dim light is never a good plan – just think of Bridget Jones’s red-faced arrival at the law firm’s ball (Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason).   Yet there are also times when you need dimmer lighting in the bathroom,  for example, to have a leisurely relaxing bath.    I love the combination of lighting in this bathroom which enables you to choose the right lighting for your needs and your mood.   Perfect!


Hotel Glam

We tScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 07.39.23ouched on this trend in a recent blog but it is worth revisiting.    It’s time to think outside the box with bathroom lighting!   It can be natural,  when thinking about bathroom lighting,  to limit your ideas to the usual ranges of bathroom lighting with unobtrusive designs and white or chrome or brass finishes.   Yet if your overall bathroom style is more opulent and Art Deco then how wonderful it would be to have lighting that matches that style rather than be rather lost in the middle of it.   I love the retro style of the light in this image here!



Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 07.35.55A Touch of Colour

Another lovely lighting feature is to have coloured lighting in your bathroom.   This can add depth and warmth to an otherwise minimalist neutral design.   This is something I would never have thought would work but,  as you can see,  it looks amazing!  The lighting in the image below is just enough to add interest but is not overdone.  Notice the way in which it also adds an illusion of additional space just by lighting the recessed areas.   A really good idea!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 07.37.22I love this one!   These sparkling lights around the mirror really do add a magical touch to your bathroom.    Although reminiscent of fairy lights,  this lighting is practical as well as decorative.   The combination of mirrors and lighting always works well in a bathroom.   Whether you fit a mirror that already has inbuilt lighting or add lighting to a mirror or mirrored area,  you will find that the reflected lighting really brightens your bathroom and gives an airy spacious ambience to that area.



Whatever your bathroom lighting needs,  we would be happy to give you some ideas and show you some of our products.   Why not give us a call or visit our showroom today!

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