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Bathroom Origins

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Bathroom Origins

There’s something very personal about shutting the bathroom
door, perhaps locking it behind you and taking some time out…
many people will admit it’s the one place they retreat for a little
peace and quiet! Whether it’s a bathroom or a cloakroom;
whatever the size and shape, style or budget; the right finishing
touches can transform a practical space into a private sanctuary.

It’s all about bringing you originality, desirability and choice:

Everyone’s idea of their perfect sanctuary will be different; will be uniquely personal to them; which
is why you’ll find everything from stylish sophistication, cutting-edge chic and romantic themes to
clean lines, angular designs and even a touch of glamour in on 2016/17 collection.

With us, creating a luxurious personal sanctuary doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

After more than 20 years, we appreciate the importance of choice when it comes to bathrooms.
Sourcing directly and personally from designers and brand suppliers means we can offer you a
genuinely wide and inspirational range of pieces, all selected for their exceptional design and topend
quality, yet realistically priced too.

And it’s all here, all in one place.

From first places to forever homes; from great design on a budget to indulgent luxury without
boundaries… it’s our mission to help people create their own unique spaces!

Because everyone deserves some personal space

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