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Often, it’s the final design details which can have the
biggest impact. A well-thought out mirror, cabinet or
new lighting can instantly inject a new lease of life into
bathroom decor.

Everyone knows that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in
the home. But, here at HiB we like to think of it as more than that. Rather, as a
sanctuary of calm; a place to unwind, refresh and enjoy some ‘me time’.
That’s why we’ve spent the past 25 years creating beautiful, innovative bathroom
products designed to provide you with the perfect centre pieces to create your
dream bathroom.

So, whether you’re in the midst of a full bathroom revamp or simply looking to
refresh your current design, you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to make your
bathroom beautiful.

Since setting up the company back in 1990, we have quickly grown to become
the ‘go-to place’ for those seeking the all-important beautiful design details
which set their bathroom apart.

Part of this success, we like to think, is down to our commitment to innovation.
Each year our new product development team research and develop ideas. And,
in this, our biggest brochure yet, you’ll find more bathroom inspiration than ever
before – from the very best in mirrors, cabinets, furniture, ventilation and lighting –
the design detailing possibilities are endless.

Functionality is accounted for too. Drawing on customer feedback, we’re always
looking for ways to improve our products to make them even better. That’s why, as
you’ll see in the pages to come, many items include unique little features which you
won’t find anywhere else. It’s what we like to call the HiB difference.

And all this is backed up with the highest level of quality assurance. All products
are manufactured to the highest level of engineering excellence and are rigorously
tested before receiving the HiB stamp of approval.

Plus, we operate an impeccable customer service division – ensuring customer
satisfaction is a given.
We like to think it’s this pride in what we do which makes us one of the best in the
business. So go on, try us out for yourself and make your bathroom beautiful.

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