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The rich aesthetics of enamel has fascinated cultures in many different eras. Even the ancient Egyptians used this material for their jewellery; rulers from the Middle Ages through to the modern age have valued enamel as a precious material and used it as a finish for extraordinary works of art. Alchemistic attempts to create gold stood at the cradle of today’s enamel. Mixing natural materials from the earth, such as quartz sand, feldspar and minerals, which bond to metal in the furnace, may have failed to lift the secret of producing gold. To many, however, the newly discovered material seemed even more desirable still. With a glass-like surface, enamel has thus become an indispensable and greatly valued part of our culture.

KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm shows to perfection how two entirely authentic and natural materials can combine to produce an incomparable, new quality: hard, yet optimally ductile steel and tough glass unite their strengths to form an ideal symbiosis. A material of lasting quality that remains visible, tangible and irresistible day after day.

KALDEWEI baths and shower trays have stood for the synthesis of robustness and aesthetics, hygiene, sophisticated and strong design for more than four generations. As a pioneer consistently pushing the boundaries to make the good even better, KALDEWEI has steadily advanced, refined and optimised the special formula and manufacturing processes of KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm for decades now. More so still, KALDEWEI is the only bathroom manufacturer to produce its own enamel. Fired in the most advanced furnaces of their kind, the special formula bonds with high-quality steel to produce a material with a thickness of 3.5 mm. The result is so exquisite and dimensionally stable that KALDEWEI confidently provides its steel enamel baths and shower trays with a guarantee of 30 years.

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