Brighten Up Blue Monday!












It’s Monday morning.   As if you didn’t know!   Outside the wind is howling and the rain is lashing down.   Christmas and New Year are already but distant memories: yet somehow we are only halfway through January which means two more long weeks to go before payday!


If you’re feeling a bit glum today you are not alone. Today is Blue Monday.


What is Blue Monday?


Supposedly, Blue Monday is the third Monday in January.  The day when all the above factors combine to make us feel, well, blue!  Blue Monday has no factual or scientific basis, but does resonate with many of us at this stage of the month.  The mornings seem to be getting darker and all the festive fun has gone, so in a way it’s comforting to be able to give that rather flat feeling some kind of label.


Brighten Up Blue Monday!


So what can we do to brighten up Blue Monday?   Here are three positive ideas that may help.   In light of the recent festivities we have based them on the theme of a Christmas Carol: past, present and future:


Positive Past


Resurrect one of your New Year’s resolutions.   Those of us that do make resolutions tend to make far too many then give up on them pretty quickly.  It’s still early enough in the year to remedy that but why not just pick one thing that you want to change or improve this year and do your best to stick to that from now on?  If you want to do more, then you could add in another one in a couple of months time once you have got into good habits with your first one.   So instead of seeing Blue Monday as a negative thing, see it as an opportunity to reboot your fresh start for 2018.


Positive Present


Be kind to yourself today.  If you are working outside the home today then try to come home early and do something nice.  Why not get home an hour early and spend that hour pampering yourself?  























How about a nice long bath with a good book or some music or even your favourite film, accompanied by a nice warm drink or perhaps something a little stronger.  Enjoy a bit of extra time at home today, and revel in the comfort that these simple pleasures can bring.


Positive Future


Make plans for the summer.   At this time of year, the lighter warmer months can seem an age away.  But if you start making some exciting plans this can transport you straight into those happier times.  So view today as the ideal opportunity to start planning something to look forward to.  Perhaps it will be a lovely holiday, whether abroad or a staycation be sure to spend time thinking about what you really want to do, rather than being overly influenced by others.   















Or you may prefer to make plans to improve your home.  If you are thinking about a new bathroom this year then why not take time to browse through our gallery of bathroom images to get some ideas and inspiration?   Then get in touch with us to plan a visit to our Camberley showroom where you can see for yourself some of our wonderful bathroom and wetroom designs.


All of us at Stone and Chrome wish you a happy Blue Monday and hope that our Positive Past, Present and Future ideas help you get through it with a smile!    We look forward to meeting you at our Camberley Showroom and becoming part of your Positive Future in 2018!

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