Keeping Your Cool!

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 22.20.18As Britain basks in a heatwave, we’re all looking for ways to keep our cool!  Whether it’s the commute to work, staying crisp during a busy day, or managing to cool down enough to sleep at night …. we’re all in the same boat so to speak!   So we’ve done some research to find the best ways to keep your cool during these sweltering days and nights and have come up with a few Top Tips!


Cool the Air

In a heatwave it is essential to keep air cool and let it circulate.   With a careful combination of fans, windows and doors, you can make things as cool as possible.

Use Fans

Many people are a little wary as they can be noisy and also sometimes seem just to blow hot air around!  But if you use them once the air has slightly cooled in the evenings they can be a valuable way to circulate air throughout your home. Some people also find that having a container filled with ice in the path of the fan helps to cool the air down further.

Windows and Doors

During the heat of the day keep doors and windows closed and also close curtains and blinds.  This will keep indoors cool for as long as possible.   But once the air has cooled in the evening to a lower temperature than inside open up windows and doors to get air circulating. Many people also find that putting on a garden sprinkler – if permitted in your area – outside an open window or patio door can also really help to cool the air down.


Ways with Water

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 22.15.56On which point, never underestimate the cooling power of water!  Now is the time to make full use of it in all its glory!

First and foremost, a long cool shower is just the best thing ever in this heat!  It’s at these times that we can really appreciate the benefits of walk in showers and of being surrounded with soft cool water.   Or how about a nice soak in a beautiful bath, perhaps with a whirlpool for good measure?

The images below show some of the wonderful products that Stone and Chrome can provide to enable you to survive the heat wave in luxurious comfort.

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Some time ago we wrote an article about Creating Your Own Home Spa – don’t you now wish you’d done that?!  Imagine being able to come home from a hard day in the heat and enter your own mini paradise to completely cool down, unwind and relax!  Sadly too late for this heat wave but why not check out the article and give it some serious consideration so that you are better prepared for next time?


Finally don’t forget to take in water on the inside as well as the outside.  Keep well hydrated to keep in full health and fitness during the heat wave.


Defeat the Heat

Hot air rises, so when at home you may be more comfortable downstairs during the heat of the day.  Hopefully you will have a downstairs cloakroom or bathroom to avoid heading upstairs at regular intervals!  If not, check out our article here about Clever Cloakrooms to see what kind of things you could do to create the perfect downstairs cloakroom/guest bathroom


Another important thing is to eliminate any unnecessary additional sources of heat such as light bulbs, computers or other appliances.  Try to eat cool foods during this time that do not require any kind of heating; in any case it is probably best to avoid large rich meals during the heat wave as they can increase metabolic heat and warm the body.




We hope that you enjoy the heatwave and manage to stay cool!  Do reflect on whether your bathroom is up to the challenge or whether it is perhaps time for an update?   Why not come and see us in our Camberley showroom to get some inspiration and take the first steps in preparing for all the good weather that is still to come!

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