The Beauty of Stone

As regular readers are aware, the uniqueness of Stone and Chrome is that we are a family business specialising not only in the design, supply and installation of beautiful bathrooms but also in the use of  natural stone in those bathrooms.  This blog explains a bit more about why we feel so passionately about natural stone as the perfect material for your dream bathroom.  We’ll look at the use of natural stone for covering walls and floors, and also some of our wonderful natural stone bathroom furnishings.


Stone Floors and Walls


The use of natural stone tiles for bathroom floor and wall covering is rapidly increasing in popularity.  As well as looking incredibly stylish, natural stone is an excellent choice for many practical reasons:


  • It is very hard-wearing and long-lasting, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice
  • It is a good investment for your home and can add value to your property
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It gives a timeless and cosy ambience
  • It provides insulation and warmth as stone is an excellent conductor


The images below show – on the left – natural stone being used to tile a complete contemporary style  bathroom and then – on the right – a more edgy and minimalist steamroom.  As you can see, in both cases the stone complements the rest of the bathroom perfectly, giving it the perfect finishing touch of timeless elegance.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 07.36.42

Steam Room Glass Front (1)







Stone Bathroom Furniture


Many bathroom items can be made from natural stone, both the bathroom furniture itself and the fixtures and fittings around it.   Either way, you can be sure it will have a stunning impact!   A free-standing stone bath – such as that pictured on the right – forms a natural centrepiece to any bathroom.   It is a common misconception that the bathroom has to be enormous to accommodate a free-standing bath but they can also work very well in smaller settings, particularly as there is flexibility about how the bath can be angled – making use of otherwise dead space.





IMG_4699We also particularly like the basin in this monochrome slate bathroom – pictured left – and it amply illustrates how stone bathroom furniture can also be incorporated into a smaller, more contemporary, setting.









Nor is the use of natural stone restricted to bathroom furniture itself.   It can form the ideal surroundgroup10-image4for a bath or basin, or for stylish yet practical storage.  Shown here is a bath surround and some glorious shelving – just waiting to be adorned by all your favourite bath products!






The Mystery of Stones

As well as being a beautiful bathroom choice in itself, natural stone has for many years held a fascination for many people.   There are many stone circles both in this country and abroad.  The best known example of stone circles in the UK is probably Stonehenge in Wiltshire.  Stonehenge is what remains of a circle of standing stones set on a henge, a flat area enclosed by a bank and ditch.  It is thought to have been built sometime between 2000-3000 BC and used as a burial ground, astronomical observation and also for spiritual ritual ceremonies; some even credit it to Merlin, a wizard most often associated with the legendary King Arthur.  The stones themselves are believed by some to have some kind of sacred or magical powers.


Whatever your beliefs, we are confident that you will love the appearance and ambience of natural stone in your bathroom!  For examples of how stunning natural stone can look in a bathroom, why not pay a visit to our Camberley showroom to see for yourself!   Our contact details are here and we look forward to welcoming you to our own special stone circle!

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