Bathing Beauties!

We’re at that time of year when it seems winter will never end!    For many of us it’s dark when we leave for work in the morning and dark when we return home in the evening.  We may already be a month past the longest night but it still feels dark and dismal out there!  Still, at least so-called Blue Monday – officially the most depressing day of the year and this year on January 16th – is now behind us!


We all need some hygge!


On these dark and cold winter nights it’s important to build in some pampering activities that will give us a bit of a boost.  It can be easy to get home from work and just want to hibernate, but we do need to do something nice to cheer us up and energise us ready to do it all again the next day.   This time last year we ran a blog called Hygge bathrooms.  The Danish concept of hygge has no direct English translation but equates to being cosy or snug or comfortable, enjoying special moments or feeling loved.


Some of the suggestions in that blog related to taking a long luxurious bath – accompanied by whatever floats your boat – be it candles, music, books, television or even champagne!  Those of you who follow our Twitter feed will have seen some spectacular examples of baths that we have recently taken into stock, and we just wanted to feature some of them here as well.


Ashton and Bentley


The beautiful bath below is from Ashton & Bentley.  This Wolverhampton based business has brought back time-honoured skills by designing and manufacturing their entire freestanding bath collection within our English factory.  The image below show their Aegean Platinum Bath, on display at our Camberley showroom. We love the sleekness of this design. Its shiny finish would add contemporary elegance to any bathroom and yet it would not look out of place in a more traditional bathroom.










A Virtual Bathroom!


The second montage of images of the Aegean Platinum bath show it featuring in a virtual bathroom.  These designs were created using Virtual Worlds interactive 4D software.  At Stone and Chrome we have over 25 years experience of designing and installing bathrooms.  The key to a beautiful bathroom lies in the design process!  We use the highest quality computer aided design software to design bathrooms for our clients.  This enables you to see exactly how it will look and also to be reassured that everything will actually fit in your space.  

As you can see from the designs below, virtual reality does what it says on the tin!










Perrin and Rowe


We also supply quality baths from a range of other trusted suppliers, including another of our favourites Perrin and Rowe.  A London-based company, Perrin and Rowe manufacture a fine collection of kitchen & bathroom brassware, and also an exclusive chinaware collection.   We think you will love the two baths below just as much as we do!

















Imagine enjoying a little hygge time on these long winter nights in one of these beautiful baths!   If you would like to check whether they really do look as good in real life as they do in photos or virtual reality then  why not come and visit our Camberley showroom?  We’d be delighted to meet you and to help you plan a stunning addition to your bathroom.


Enjoy a little hygge on these long winter nights: before we know it spring and summer will be here and this darkness will all be a distant memory!

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