A Valentine’s Gift to Last!

So here we are again – Valentine’s Day!   Social media sites are full of heart emojis – different colours representing different emotions of course.   As we speak, shops will be coping with a last minute rush for garish red and pink cards – before packing them away to make more room for the next big commercial event, Mother’s Day!  


No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day there is the cultural pressure to “do something”.  Those in relationships are expected to buy cards or gifts – and organise some kind of dinner date, whether home or away – whilst many single people also celebrate the day by doing something exciting with friends.


But whatever you do, there are three pitfalls to avoid:


Lack of planning

Whether you decide to go out with the love of your life or a group of friends, planning is key!   Otherwise you will find that most places are fully booked and the only ones left are either a complete rip off or not particularly appealing … or both!   Similarly if you want to give cards or gifts it’s best to avoid the proverbial last minute dash to the garage on the corner!    It’s a general principle that whatever you want to achieve, you need a plan to get there otherwise it could all go very wrong.


Getting the wording wrong

If you read the poems in many Valentine’s cards they are so corny!  Whilst it is nice to try and express our feelings, it would often be far better to do this in our own words rather than rely on someone else’s contrived rhyming couplets!  Tell it like it really is, not parodying words that another has written!   Putting things into your own words will be more authentic and meaningful rather than just hot air.


Giving gifts that don’t last

Most of the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts – champagne, chocolates, flowers – are all soon with nothing left to show.   How much better it would be to promise something much longer-lasting that is not forgotten in a day?    Something that could be used and enjoyed all year round.










Time for a change?


So this year why not decide to do something special either for your loved one or yourself that will bring pleasure for more than a day and enable everyone to feel loved and cosseted all year round?  How about starting to plan a beautiful new bathroom?  This would not only improve the logistics – and value – of your home but will be a daily reminder of how much you care.




You can trust Stone and Chrome to get this right for you!   Our years of experience creating beautiful bathrooms make us experts at avoiding the pitfalls mentioned above:


  • We plan thoroughly:  we will discuss your ideas and requirements at length and will plan your bathroom carefully using the latest computer design technology and involving you in every stage of the process – so that you can see exactly how your bathroom will look before we even start the work.  
  • We won’t make empty promises or baffle you with jargon but will always be honest and upfront and make everything clear: at Stone and Chrome we say what we mean and mean what we say!  
  • We guarantee quality at every stage of the process so that you can enjoy your new bathroom for years to come.









To get things moving simply arrange a trip to our showroom in Camberley where you can see for yourself some of the stunning bathroom ranges we have available and appreciate how beautiful they would look in your home.   Maybe this time next year you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style, in your very own mini paradise in your home!


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