Bathroom Furniture with a Difference!

bike-with-quoteA few months ago in this blog we featured the wonderful range of bathroom products from Arcade.  One of the products we love is the bicycle – pictured here – that cleverly incorporates a basin into the design.  In the right environment it could look stunning, and become a talking point for years to come!

For this blog we’ve had a search around to see what other unusual bathroom furniture we can find, and have come up with some intriguing examples for you!



Weird and WonderfulScreen Shot 2015-06-07 at 19.52.00

Very Fishy!

For starters how about this image we came across of a bathroom basin housing a tank of tropical fish beneath it.  Certainly this design is very different and rather multi-purpose.  Incidentally, we have discovered that you can also obtain flooring with an inbuilt fish tank beneath, which we’ll feature in a future blog!


Cinderella Down Under


slipper-2From Australia we have learned that Cinderella not only goes to the ball and somehow manages to leave her slipper there – but also seems to bathe in it  first!

This rather garish-looking bath might not be to everyone’s taste but does it prove that baths can indeed come in all shapes and sizes!




We’re not sure how comfortable this toilet would actually be or why you would want to choose such a design but apparently it does appeal to some!   Whilst we’re aware that some people do refer to a toilet as the throne but this is perhaps a step too far?!   7eefb1f6aa629a61c37c449f3392d1dc



Special But Stylish


Dramatic though the above examples are, most of our dream bathrooms here and now would probably not include them, at least not yet!  If your bathroom is not quite ready for some of the above ideas, then help is at hand!  At Stone and Chrome we specialise in bathroom fixtures and fittings that are different but stylish and much more in keeping with the taste of the discerning customer.


We can supply – and install as needed – a wide range of quality bathroom furniture that is perfect for contemporary elegant bathrooms of every shape and size.  Below we list some of our current favourites.


We’ve already mentioned the Arcade range and this really does exemplify how leading edge design can be blended with taste and style.  Here we show some more examples of  – yet distinctive – alternatives to the products featured above.


Bathroom Basin

How about this one?  A beautiful oak double vanity unit with a bespoke travertine surface and Perrin & Rowe brassware.  But be aware it doesn’t have fish!


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 19.29.36









Signature Bath

This is one of our own cast iron baths. We have a range of over 20 different shapes and styles. The example featured here is a bateau bath painted with Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Black.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 19.30.44


Unique Toilet

How about this wall hung Pro WC, from Laufen.  Not quite as ornate a throne, but we think its distinctive design would not look out of place in a palace!


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 19.33.09








If you are planning to create  new bathroom or update your current bathroom then Stone and Chrome would be happy to help.  We understand the needs of the high end customer and are well-placed to help you design your perfect bathroom.  Why not browse through our gallery then arrange a visit to our Camberley showroom to see for yourself that wonderful does not have to be weird!

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