The Benefits of a Steam Shower (Part 2)

group8-image5In this occasional blog topic we look at different bathroom features and this entry continues to look at steam showers – or steam rooms.   In Part 1 (22 February) we looked at the detoxification benefits of steam showers and how they are a relaxing and effortless way to detox and de-stress.  But there are many other ways in which steam showers can enhance your physical health and well-being.

The Healing Benefits of Steam Showers

There are proven benefits of warm wet air to a range of respiratory and sinus infections.  Many of us may have childhood memories of sitting with our head, covered by a towel, over a bowl of steaming water which was supposed to cure all manner of ailments.  But it does work!  The steam gently penetrates and clears the airways and helps you to breathe more clearly.

Steam showers also improve circulation.  As you relax in the cosseting warmth, your body temperature rises which stimulates blood flow and circulation.  This has all kinds of benefits including relieving aches and pains and boosting your immune system.  The increased circulation of oxygen around the body has healing benefits for wounds.

Love the Skin You’re In!

The improved circulation caused by steam showers can also be instrumental in assisting weight loss by increasing the effectiveness of the lymphatic system, resulting in a higher metabolic rate and calories consequently being burned faster.  At the same time, the heat from the steam itself often has the effect of reducing swelling and bloating, and can also stimulate the breaking down of fatty cellulite deposits.

Another benefit of steam showers that many people notice is an improvement in the condition and appearance of their skin.  The steam is absorbed into the pores and gently softens and loosens any congestion, enabling it to be washed away and leaving the skin clearer and with a brighter, fresher appearance.   This is particularly beneficial to those with skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis and enables those who suffer from – and may be self-conscious about – such conditions to self-treat in the privacy of their own homes.

Steam Showers – Ancient and Modern

In fact the benefits of steam go back a long way further than the childhood years referred to above.  The Romans were renowned for their steam baths – such as the celebrated Roman Baths in Bath, which date back to the first century.   But several hundred years before even then the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates was attributed as saying “Give me the power to create a fever and I shall cure any disease.”  Perhaps not as well known as the Hippocratic Oath but in some ways just as significant!

A steam shower, therefore, is an innovative bringing together of ancient and modern.  The healing wisdom of our forefathers combined with the power of the leading edge technology of today!

Be in on the Secret!

So there are many benefits of steam showers, which is good news in itself.   But the even better news is that in addition to all these, a steam shower is a totally enjoyable and indulgent experience!   Imagine having that welcome slice of luxury to enjoy any time you choose; and as well as being therapeutic and relaxing in itself, you can now be confident of all the benefits it will bring you.  In today’s “no pain no gain” culture where we are constantly encouraged to strive for the things we want, it is refreshingly rare to find something you really want to do that is also good for you.  An experience that feels like it should be a guilty secret but is actually something that you were told to do as a child!

Be one of the growing number of people who are in on that very secret!  At Stone and Chrome we would love to help you further.  We can provide a wide range of steam showers of various designs – either to tone in with your current decor or as a complete bathroom refit – and would be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.


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