Why Invest in a New Bathroom?

IMG_4324Spring has sprung, and along with it our thoughts often turn towards making some home improvements.  There are many reasons why you might be thinking of updating your bathroom and we want to look at what the benefits are and whether or not it is a good investment.

A New Bathroom Refreshes Your Home

There are many benefits of a new bathroom but one of the first that springs to mind is the breath of fresh air that having a new bathroom can bring to the rest of the home.  Having one room newly refurbished gives a welcome new lease of life to your home and if care is taken with the design and fittings of the bathroom it will quickly become a showpiece to be proud of.   The fact that one room is completely up to date and on trend seems to have a halo effect on the rest of your home; everything just seems better, cleaner, nicer!

Add Value to Your Home

To ensure that your bathroom is finished to perfection you need expert advice.   Whilst it is relatively easy to freshen up the appearance of living areas and bedrooms yourself, refurbishing a bathroom really benefits from a professional touch to ensure that it looks its very best.

Calling in the professionals should prove to be a sound investment   Various recent surveys have indicated that a refurbished bathroom can add around 3% to the value of your home.  According to Phil Spencer – of Location, Location, Location fame – buyers are increasingly looking for refurbished bathrooms and a key factor is simplicity and good quality features in that bathroom.  At Chrome and Stone we have a wide range of bathrooms in a variety of styles and could advise you on how to create a stunning bathroom in whatever space you have available.   You may want to go for the minimalist chic feel or for something more elaborate; either way we promise you will not be disappointed with what we can provide.

You are the reason!

So far so good.  But there is another reason for updating your bathroom that, in my opinion, far outweighs the need either to refresh your home or increase its value.  That reason is YOU!   To me, a luxurious bathroom is a little slice of heaven.  A regular escape from the pressures of life, from the relentless demands that are increasingly placed on us 24/7.  A special bathroom is a place of sanctuary and, as such, its value is beyond measure.  Think about it.  You spend time in the bathroom every morning and evening and, as such, it needs to be functional.   But why not extend some of those times a little to give yourself time to relax, even just for a few minutes.   It is so easy to neglect your own needs and yet, by so doing, your effectiveness as a professional and well-being as an individual are increasingly diminished.  What better treat at the end of another busy day than to make time to slip into a hot scented bath and luxuriate for a while, clearing your mind and letting your cares just drift away?   Would that experience not be heightened even further by being in surroundings that have been beautifully refurbished to your own exacting specification, whatever that might entail?  We can help you design a bathroom that is just right for you and will be the place of restoration that you need and deserve.

So yes, a new bathroom is an ideal investment for improving the environment and value of your home.  But more than anything else it is also an investment that could bring you hours of comfort and relaxation and add pleasure and panache to the routines of every day living.

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