Clever Cloakrooms

Over the last couple of weeks we have looked at some stunning examples of family bathrooms and en-suites. Today the focus moves to downstairs cloakrooms. We’ll look at examples of existing cloakrooms and ideas for what you could include in your own unique cloakroom.

More than a convenience?

Let’s start by thinking about why you need a downstairs cloakroom. The answer may seem obvious! However, there is more to it than meets the eye. We think that there are, in fact, three good reasons. The first is, of course, the convenience to both family and guests of having downstairs facilities. It saves time, is more accessible to people of all ages and mobility, and also saves wear and tear on your stairs. But let’s look in more detail at the other two reasons.

Another guest bathroom

How about getting your cloakroom to double up as an additional guest bathroom. Particularly if you are involved in building a new home, and have flexibility over space, this is well worth considering. By just making your cloakroom a little larger than the norm, it can easily accommodate a shower or even a bath. As well as giving more flexibility to the family this could be invaluable at those times when you have extra guests and – as always happens – everyone is trying to get ready at the same time! Having a designated guest bathroom also enables family members to retain the privacy and space of their own bathroom, making the whole process easier and less awkward for everyone. The image below shows a cloakroom that we created recently to complement a master en-suite bathroom.


A cloakroom such as this could easily be sited downstairs. Most of the time it may be used purely as a cloakroom, but the additional option of a bath greatly enhances the hospitable home.


Showcase your home

group4-image3-150x150There is a third good reason for a downstairs cloakroom, and one that people may not admit to! But it is to showcase your home. Your guests will spend most of their visit with you in your living and dining area. Visiting the cloakroom is one of their few chances to be on their own and reflect on their surroundings. Therefore don’t let your cloakroom become the afterthought! Take a browse through our gallery to see some of our wonderful designer products – many of which would be ideal for a cloakroom. Last week’s blog looked at small en-suite bathrooms and some products that immediately spring to mind are the Ilbagnoalessi One basin from Laufen ( see last week’s blog for details) and also this beautiful natural travertine basin (pictured right) from the small en-suite we also featured.

Think about the ambience and style of your cloakroom; what do you want it to say about you? Then select your bathroom furniture, the colours of your decor, your lighting and mirrors, bathroom linen – and even your toiletries – accordingly. Everything should co-ordinate for a chic and subtle finish that will not fail to impress your guests. If you have a smaller cloakroom space, select bathroom furniture with clean, compact outlines and choose lighter colours for your decor as both of these help create the illusion of space. Cleverly positioned mirrors and appropriate lighting also work wonders! At Stone and Chrome we have years of expertise in all of these areas and would be only too happy to help you design your perfect cloakroom: even if it feels somewhat like fitting a quart into a pint pot we guarantee that you will be delighted with the results!

We hope that these last three articles have shown you a range of bathrooms and helped crystallise your thinking as to what would work in your home. For more stunning examples of our bathroom design work do request a brochure or come and see us in our Camberley showroom anytime.

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