No Space for an En-Suite?!

Last week we started a three piece series in which we take a closer look at some of the inspiring projects featured in our gallery. Today it’s the turn of en-suite bathrooms to take centre stage. Interestingly, the timing of this coincides with a discussion on the blog of our sister company LoveBathrooms about the respective merits of en-suite and family bathrooms – click here to read more! In that article we saw that as well as the luxury and convenience afforded by an en-suite bathroom, there is a tremendous advantage in terms of making effective use of what might otherwise be dead space. Perhaps you have a proverbial nook or cranny into which you might actually be able to fit an en-suite? Have a look at some of these examples for ideas!


Slate en-suite with wet room

This en-suite is simply stunning! The entire room is finished in premium black calibrated riven slate, for a dramatic and stylish effect. This is enhanced by three very unique pieces of bathroom furniture.  The first (pictured) is the Laufen Ilbagnoalessi One basin.    IMG_4699-150x150Its integrated tapered design is both stylish and functional – and also very economical on space if this is a constraint. In this example it is perfectly partnered with the wall hung Pro WC. The third item in this leading edge en-suite is a luxurious walk-in shower. Again, this is a very efficient use of space – into which we have also added the luxury of a heated seat! We created storage space in this bathroom by a wall recess above the designer towel rail, and added further depth to this with LED accent lighting.

Unfortunately there is only room to include one photograph here – so we have gone for the basin – but do check out the rest of the images of this bathroom in our gallery here.


Small en-suite with wet floor


Returning to the issue of space, it really is possible to house a lavish en-suite in a very small space. Our next example is proof of that.   It has a wet floor rather than a shower cubicle, which makes the room feel much larger than it actually is. This is further enhanced by the consistent tiling of every wall, floor, and surface in natural colours and materials, creating a tranquil flow through effect. This en-suite also features a natural travertine hand basin that fits perfectly into a small corner yet looks incredible. Recessed storage areas with coloured LED accent lighting add the perfect finishing touch to this elegantly minimalistic en-suite.


Marble en-suite

This delightful en-suite again makes use of a small space – the image below shows it opening out into the bedroom to give an indication of relative sizes. Similar to the second exgroup9-image2ample, it features a wet floor rather than shower cubicle to save space. The polished marble finish also refracts light beautifully around the bathroom to create a radiant and glistening effect. This design again serves to illustrate that small can indeed be beautiful and that no space should be written off in terms of its en-suite potential.



We hope that these impressive en-suite bathrooms have given you some ideas and inspiration for what could be possible in your home. Whether you are in the process of building a new home, or are about to refurbish an existing area of your home, why not call into our Camberley showroom today to see further examples of designer bathrooms and to discuss your potential requirements in more detail with our expert design team. We would be happy to help you make the most of the space available to you and create the en-suite of your dreams!

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