Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

group15-image3 It is easy to transform even the most old-fashioned bathrooms using modern materials and contemporary designs.

Use inviting colours and textures to turn a dull space into a fresh, vibrant bathroom. Incorporating mosaics,natural stones, a fun tile splash back or burnished tops can give your bathroom a whole new modern appeal.

If you have a outdated bathroom but can’t afford to change the main items, focus on the minor details. For example, in order to decorate a period place with lots of exposed pipework, set to work with a paintbrush. You can either paint the pipes a contrasting shade and turn them into a characteristic or incorporate them into the colour scheme of the bathroom.

The look of the bathroom can be enhanced by replacing fittings such as taps and shower heads. Paying attention to even smaller details such as installing cabinet handles, toothbrush holders, soap dishes, toilet roll holders give your bathroom a personality of its own.

Fashion a Feature Wall

Mosaic arrangements can be charming. However, they can be overpowering if the motif covers the whole room. Instead, it’s more eye-catching to make a feature of just one wall.

A pattern of coloured tiles looks striking. The use of black and white to devise a chessboard decoration is particularly effective. Nevertheless, large numbers of patterned tiles will crowd out every other aspect of the space, so stick to just one side.

Keep the other walls white or fairly neutral. Alternatively, you could construct a picture from tiles or paint a mural. The important thing to bear in mind, as with any piece of artwork, is that the opinions will vary on its attractiveness.

Natural Earthy Schemes

If you prefer clean lines and simplicity, go for an earthy theme. Lots of white, cream and pale beige tiles coupled with wicker or bamboo accessories. Natural stone tiles will complete the look.

The addition of greenery creates the feeling of being outdoors. Houseplants can literally breathe life into your home. Boston fern, Peace lily, Areca palm and Spider plant all make great air-purifiers. Their lush foliage brings a sense of calm and peace to the environment.

Wet, steamy places with good light are great for tropical plants that need a humid atmosphere. Caladiums, known as Angel’s wings, from South America, have spectacular large heart-shaped leaves with deep red veins running through a centre of coral-pink. They’re a highly attractive adornment to any spot.

Shower or Bath

Showering baths offer the best of both if you don’t have the scope for a separate bath and shower. Specially designed, usually in a P or an L shape, to maximize the showering area, the shower bath is becoming increasingly popular.

Special ledges to accommodate showering are combined with bath screens to combat leaking. So you can choose between a quick shower or a leisurely soak while making the most of your floor space.

A free standing bath placed confidently in the middle of a bathroom is an instant feature. A roll top, claw-footed bath makes a statement that will dominate the bathroom design. Walk-in showers look modern because they’re so open plan. Not only are they highly practical for a busy person, they give an immediate, contemporary feel.

Paint and Pictures

If you’re not able to change the main components of your bathroom, look at adding a few accessories or a splash of paint. A shot of colour, such as lime green or turquoise blue can liven up a dull wall. But don’t overdo it. It’s enough to paint a border or pick out a couple of small areas that will draw the eye away from the dated items and focus on the points of colour.

As long as they’re in a position where they don’t get wet, hang favourite pictures or photographs. They provide individuality and charm. A large mirror or series of small mirrors will give a visual illusion of light and spaciousness.

No matter what your budget, there are many things you can do to turn your bathroom into a fresh, contemporary, and fun space.

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