Design your Dream Bathroom in 3D

Hartiss-BackgroundPlanning and designing your bathroom can become a frustrating experience. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the number of products and variety of styles to choose from. What starts out as an exciting project can become fraught with indecision and confusion.

Fortunately, there’s a way to turn the situation around and get your project back on track. By employing the latest technology, we can take away the guesswork and give you the reality.

Skilled bathroom and wet room planners can map out your dream bathroom to scale using the latest bathroom design software. Once you see a 3D image of the layout you have proposed, it brings the whole project to life.

Will it All Fit?

You can now be completely assured that every item you choose will fit into its allocated area. Your vision can be recreated on the screen as thousands of bathroom products can be dragged and dropped into position.

Even if everything does slot into place according to plan – how will it all look? Too much furniture crammed in can make your room look small and muddled. Suddenly your compact bathroom looks untidy and cramped.

Conversely, what once looked spacious and airy can end up looking sparse and unevenly spread. You may find you have odd gaps, rather than volume and breadth.

Once you’ve seen all the main components in places where they should be, you can then tweak your design or even begin again. Unnecessary articles can be removed. Clever storage ideas could be added to fill the gaps, ensuring you make maximum use of the space available.

Of course, along with the practicality of knowing that everything will fit, you also want to know if it will be decoratively appealing.

How Does it Look?

When it comes to colour co-ordination, it helps to see an overview of all the shades that will make up the whole. What was supposed to be a subtle mix of slightly contrasting tones can end up looking like an explosion in a paint factory.

Many tile manufacturers have their products available in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) format. This means you’re able to see how they’re going to look when incorporated into your bathroom design. A product that looks great on TV or in a magazine may look entirely different in the context of your scheme.

Once you’ve seen your colours, textures and shapes drawn together you can begin to think about lighting. Subtle, but effective LED accent lighting can be used to create a mood. See how the atmosphere can be lifted by the addition of luminous warmth.

Make the Right Choice

The real benefit of using 3D imagery is that it empowers you to make educated decisions. Rather than imagining what something is going to look like, you can see it accurately depicted on the screen.

Instead of looking at each item individually, you can view the scene as a whole. This gives you the opportunity to see if your selections harmonise or conflict. The visual outline becomes a starting point for more ideas, more discussions and more informed choices.

A bathroom should not only be functional, it should also be relaxing and stylish. With the latest design technology, you can ensure it looks just how you imagined it would on completion.

Not only that, a professionally designed bathroom is much easier to install as all the details have been meticulously researched in advance. By assembling an exactly scaled version in 3D, you create the best living space possible.

Your bathroom is then tailor-made to suit your needs, your tastes and your budget. It’s truly unique to you.

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