Every Bathroom Tells a Story

So pantomime season is behind us – oh yes it is! – and we are already almost halfway through January. Just where does the time go?! Those heady days of Christmas and New Year already seem miles away.


Blue Monday


To make matters worse, next Monday is “Blue Monday”: claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. This is based on a combination of various different factors, including the dark cold mornings, the realisation of how much we have overspent during the festive season, and the failure to stick at our New Year resolutions.


Tell me a story


Whether or not these apply to you, it certainly does feel that we could do with a bit of cheering up at the moment. One way to cheer up is by getting immersed in a good story. Not necessarily the pantomime-style stories that we have most probably been subjected to over the Christmas period, but something that enables us to escape from everyday life for a while.



Whether you prefer curling up with a good book, watching a captivating movie at the cinema or from the comfort of your sofa, or indulging in some old-fashioned reminiscing with family and friends, storytelling can be an enjoyable and heartening way to pass a gloomy winter’s evening.




A very popular form of storytelling at the moment is life-writing ie autobiographies, memoirs, letters, diaries and journals. So if you enjoy reading this kind of writing – or reminiscing about stories that are personal to you – you are not alone.


This year why not start a journal recording some of the events, thoughts and feelings about your everyday life? It could become a real source of pleasure and interest in years to come. Just think back to some of the experiences that you have been through – both good and bad – and imagine if you had a better record of that experience and how you felt at the time.


Life in your bathroom


In a similar way, we can often be in a room and wish that walls could talk. Especially if you have been in your home for a long time and think back to all the life experiences that have taken place there.














For example, your bathroom may have witnessed some or all of the following scenarios:

  • Prom preparation
  • Wedding preparation
  • Pregnancy test results
  • Baby’s first bath
  • First day at school preparation


Or some of these experiences may still be to come!


A bathroom for living


Whatever stage your home and family are at, your bathroom is a central part of your home and should be treated well so that it can treat you well in return. As well as the major milestones listed above, your bathroom should be a daily source of comfort and joy – not a cause of stress because it is not fully equipped to do the jobs you need it to do.




So during 2019, why not breathe new life into your bathroom so that it truly can become a bathroom for living; a bathroom that you will enjoy being in on a daily basis and that will also step up when the important stuff of life needs to happen in there?


A Stone and Chrome bathroom for 2019


To get your bathroom up to scratch, your first port of call is to visit us at Stone and Chrome. We would love to welcome you at our Camberley showroom, and show you our fabulous displays of bathrooms and wetrooms. This will give you an idea of how stunning a Stone and Chrome bathroom could look in your home, truly a bathroom that would tell the story of your family for years to come.


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