Five Reasons to Invest in a New Bathroom!

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Whether you have just moved into a new home, have been in your home and while and want to do some updating, or even are building a new home from scratch, it can be difficult to prioritise where the money goes.  In this article we want to give you five good reasons for a luxury bathroom to be top of your priority list!


A good investment

A high end bathroom is always a good investment that will both attract interest from buyers and add value to your property should you decide to sell.  In particular, adding an extra bathroom – especially an ensuite – could add up to 6% to the value of your property.   Be sure to use the best quality fixtures and fittings that you are able to source, so that the quality endures for as long as possible.


Because you’re worth it!

You don’t just want your bathroom to be an investment for the future!  You want to be able to enjoy it yourself as well.  Sadly it’s often the case that people only get round to doing all their home improvements when they put their house on the market.  We tend to put off doing things when they are just for us but in 2016 let’s reverse that trend!  Install a bathroom that you will be proud of and will bring you enjoyment as well as being an investment.


Pamper yourselfScreen Shot 2014-10-06 at 07.36.16

As well as a new bathroom looking wonderful, it will make you feel wonderful.  When a bathroom is tired it can make you feel tired too!  There is no incentive to spend any more time in there than you have to.  But with a lovely bathroom you will want to spend time in the bathroom and will therefore have more opportunity to pamper yourself.  Whether it’s a long hot luxurious bath – maybe with
a whirlpool effect – or an invigorating steam shower, the choice is yours.  We would also recommend careful planning of bathroom storage so that you have everything to hand.  The image on the right shows one of our favourite features; built-in recessed storage with atmospheric LED lighting.  It looks beautiful yet is also stylishly practical!


The sound of silence?

Sometimes we just need a place to get away from it all!  If you are working in a busy environment where there is background noise all day, it can be therapeutic just to rest in complete silence at the end of a busy day.  Where better than your beautiful new bathroom?  You can shut yourself away from the world and just “be” – and emerge rejuvenated and refreshed, ready for the next challenge!


Let me entertain you!

Kaldewei Conoduo steel bath with 16 jet whirlpool system with LED chromatherapy lighting - this bath also features integrated filling system.

Conversely to the above you may want space but not silence!  Perhaps you sometimes feel crowded out at home and it seems like everyone else but you has control over the TV channels or music streaming?  In which case then you might want to think about installing some high end entertainment systems in your bathroom!  There are a wide range of audio visual systems available – see the image on the left for some examples.  So whether you want to lie back and watch your favourite TV series or movie, or luxuriate in the music of your choice, you can do just that!

So there are five good reasons to move a new bathroom up to the top of your priority list!  To get some ideas and inspiration why not visit our Camberley showroom where we have stunning displays of bathrooms and wetrooms.  We would love to help you create the bathroom you have always wanted!


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