Four Seasons in One Room – Part 1

One of the things I love about living in this country is the changing of the seasons.  There is always a sense of restless anticipation in the air, accompanied by the sense that anything is possible!  As the outgoing season slips quietly away and the new season establishes itself there is a natural desire within us to get everything into step with the newness of the season.  Indeed there is often a lot of emphasis on fashion changing with the season – but what about bathrooms?  This is something I’ve been pondering about because bathroom style is such a personal thing and can make a real statement about your own preferences and tastes.  Yet at the same time I have a niggling feeling that I for one want to reflect the changing of the seasons in my bathroom.  For example it feels slightly incongruous to be languishing in a stark black bathroom as we move into spring.  Fabulous for those long winter evenings but what about now, when life is full of light and promise?  Given that it is rather impractical to totally update your bathroom four times a year, is it at all possible to have four seasons in one room?


Ways to seasonalise your bathroom

Having given it some thought I have come to the conclusion that yes, it is possible to seasonalise your bathroom!  Start thinking about the wider commercial world and seasonalisation is something that many organisations do, often to great effect.  Skilful use of colours, themes and accessories can make a huge difference.  So from now on, with each changing of the season this blog will look at how you can incorporate some seasonal changes into your bathroom.


Seasonal colours for your bathroom

It may seem an obvious thing to say but there are different colours associated with different seasons.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in nature, but there is also a whole industry based on colour analysis which advises people which colours suit them best.  The results of colour analysis are often described in terms of seasons, with different groups of colour being attributed to each season and people advised to wear those colours.  So we could apply the same concept to bathrooms and ensure that each season we incorporate some kind of colour change to reflect and keep in step with the season. If you are about to build or refurbish a bathroom it might therefore be a good idea to consider a flexible colour scheme that will enable you to add different seasonal touches throughout the year.



As well as adding some seasonal touches of colour, it is possible to vary bathroom accessories throughout the year.  Again, if you are in the process of designing a bathroom as you are reading this, think about how you may want to do this and consider your choices of lighting, mirrors, and more sundry accessories accordingly.  One easy way is to choose a bathroom storage unit that has a lot of display space – there are some wonderful examples in our store at  This would enable you to add seasonal flowers, ornaments, and other decorative items throughout the year to give different themes to your bathroom at different times.



We hope that these few thoughts will spark some ideas for you as to how to seasonalise your bathroom.  Next week’s blog will look specifically at how to add touches of spring to your bathroom whether you are creating a new bathroom or working within an existing bathroom.  We will also return to this topic again in a few weeks time when spring becomes summer!

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