Four Seasons in One Room – Part 2

In our last article, we discussed the concept of “seasonalising your bathroom”  Today’s blog looks at different ways that you can bring a touch of spring to your bathroom.


Spring colours for your bathroom

The base colour of your bathroom obviously cannot easily be changed, but let’s suppose that it’s a neutral colour to start with – probably some variant white, cream, beige or black.   Or, if you are currently in the process of building or refurbishing a bathroom as you read this, you may want to bear in mind the potential to make seasonal adjustments when planning the colour scheme.  At Stone and Chrome we have over 25 years of planning and designing bathrooms and would be happy to help you with your ideas.


As we saw last week, there are different colours associated with different seasons.  In colour analysis the colours recommended for those identified as having Spring colouring often include lime green,  yellow, light red, light orange, dark brown, turquoise or pale blue and rose pink.  What better way to bring spring to your bathroom than by accentuating it with one or more of these gorgeous spring colours?


To bring spring to your bathroom think about what you can change.  One of the most immediate things is accessories.  You may well vary your soft furnishings anyway according to the season but there are also various bathroom accessories that can quickly be substituted for a subtle yet significant effect.  Our store stocks a range of accessories that could work well.   For example a four piece bamboo accessory set (comprising a soap dish, tumbler, soap dispenser and toilet brush) that would add a fresh spring touch to any bathroom whatever the existing colour scheme.


Light and mirrors

At Stone and Chrome we also stock a stunning range of bathroom lighting.  Again, if you are in the process of creating a new bathroom or transforming an old one, consider installing the most flexible lighting that you can in your bathroom.  Having more than one light, at least one of which can be dimmed, will give you complete freedom to create either a dim and mysterious ambience for  those long dark nights or a bright fresh daylight feel for spring.  If your current lighting is limited in these respects then try out different strengths and colours of bulb for different effects.


As an extra touch, also think carefully about the size, shape and positioning of mirrors in your bathroom.  Mirrors can make an enormous difference to the perceived size and depth of the room and also play a significant role in reflecting and refracting light around your bathroom.  You may, therefore, want to add an additional mirror in spring to help create a different lighting effect.  If so, then you could also ensure that this mirror is in one of the spring colours listed above.  Choose one that both complements your existing colour scheme and adds an interesting spring twist.


Flowers and toiletries

Another easy way to bring splashes of spring colour to your bathroom are by flowers and toiletries.  What better represents spring than an abundance of flowers?  Depending on your space constraints, either a huge vase on the floor or small flower spray or plant on a shelf could be most effective.  In last week’s article, we mentioned the idea of having a storage unit with lots of display space and if you do have something like this you then have the freedom to accessorise it with all kinds of other items such as china, glassware, candles – all in lovely spring colours.


Another item that provides an instant refreshing touch to a bathroom is a co-ordinated range of toiletries in a bright spring colour.  These could either be freestanding around the bathroom or housed in smart set of toiletry holders – see our LoveBathrooms store for examples.



Enjoy bringing spring to your bathroom!  This article will continue in a few weeks to bring you ideas about how to turn spring into summer.


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