Jacuzzis and Whirlpools – Same or Different?

group7-image2Hope that everyone enjoyed the long Easter weekend, and managed to get some well-deserved down time? A recent Stone and Chrome blog looked at the logistics of creating your own home spa – and how nice that would have been this weekend! But that blog also led me to wonder about whether the terms whirlpool bath, hot tub, and jacuzzi are all interchangeable or whether there are, in fact, differences between them?

The Jacuzzi Family

What I didn’t realise is that the first of these items originated from a family called Jacuzzi. This creative Italian family of 7 brothers emigrated to California and were responsible for many groundbreaking engineering inventions, particularly in the areas of aviation, agriculture and hydraulics. When one of the brothers’ sons later developed a juvenile form of rheumatoid arthritis, his father Candido realised that hospital hydrotherapy sessions were extremely effective in relieving the symptoms. He therefore applied his expertise in hydraulics to develop a portable pump that could be used alongside a bath. This evolved further into individual baths and larger bathing units incorporating jet technology able to deliver a unique pressurised mixture of air and water. The baths became known as whirlpool baths and the larger units as hot tubs. Sometimes hot tubs are referred to as spas – and will certainly feature in many spas and swimming pools, enabling several people to enjoy the benefits together. But the basic technology behind all these therapeutic products is the Jacuzzi, and we have the Jacuzzi family to thank for them!

Consider a Whirlpool Bath

Whatever stage of bathroom development you are at, a whirlpool bath should be seriously considered. Even if you are not redesigning your entire bathroom, but just updating one or two items, a whirlpool bath may well fit into your existing space.  For example, just one of the whirlpool baths we stock is this wonderful Kaldewei Conoduo steel bath with LED chromatherapy lighting.

group7-image2Chromatherapy (also known as colour therapy) is a complementary medicine that uses colour to balance energy and heal the body. Whether you embrace this philosophy or just appreciate the aesthetic effects of the coloured lights, this is a wonderful way to enhance your whirlpool bath experience! On a more practical note, the Kaldewei bath also features an integrated filling system, making it quicker and easier to enjoy all its benefits!

The Benefits of a Whirlpool Bath

First and foremost the sensation of a whirlpool bath can help you to unwind and relax at the end of another hectic day. Its gentle massaging action can soothe away the stresses and strains of the day. This in itself is an excellent reason to install one! But over and above this, the pressure of the jets of air and water are claimed to have various therapeutic and healing properties – just like the purpose of the original Jacuzzi. Sufferers of joint and muscle pain often find the symptoms dramatically relieved by the improved circulation that the increased temperature of a whirlpool bath can stimulate. The pressure of the jets causes deep pressure and relief to aching muscles and joints. Similarly, the efficiency of veins and arteries can also be greatly improved through the warmth and movement of the whirlpool bath, providing relief and therapy to conditions such as varicose veins and diabetes. A wide variety of skin problems can also be ameliorated through the cleansing and oxygenating effects of a whirlpool bath. The warmth can open the pores and release oil and dirt, resulting in a gentle cleansing effect and a clear glowing skin that will make you look and feel years younger!

So, what are you waiting for?! At Stone and Chrome we would be delighted to show you our range of whirlpool baths and to discuss the benefits in more detail. Contact us today via this website or visit our Camberley showroom in person to move one step closer to installing your very own whirlpool bath!

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