A Trip Down Memory Lane

Browsing through the wonderful Gallery page on our website started me daydreaming about what would my ideal bathroom be? This is, inevitably, coloured by past experiences and led me to remembering lots of bathroom experiences from the past. I was surprised how the detail of these different bathrooms came flooding back (no pun intended!) which reinforced the subliminal importance of having a bathroom you love.

Bathing with The Borrowers

When my daughter was a young child we used to holiday frequently in Hartland, North Devon, in the final home of Mary Norton, author of The Borrowers.  Whilst my daughter was fascinated by the beautiful grandmother clock in the hall – alwayssurrall-background-opt-luxury-wetroom hoping for a glimpse of the little people! – my favourite feature was the bathroom. It was large with a black and white checked floor and featured a magnificent roll top bath with claw feet. Moreover, the bath was perfectly positioned so that you could look out on spectacular views across the rolling green countryside.  A perfect way to relax!  I was delighted to find a similar bath in our LoveBathrooms store. The stunning Ophelia cast iron bath (pictured) is from the English Foundry range and is manufactured in the United Kingdom. It has a stylish roll top and a choice of colour for both the outside of the bath and the gargoyle feet. This incredibly elegant bath can be positioned wherever you like – so do remember to consider the view as part of this decision, especially as the cast iron retains heat very well – thus enabling you to enjoy a hotter luxuriant soak for considerably longer than many other models of bath!

Flooring to keep!

Earlier on I mentioned the black anIMG_4707-150x150d white tiled bathroom floor. If you are in the process of creating a completely new bathroom – or if it’s time to renew your existing bathroom flooring – check out the wide range of tiling that we can provide. I personally love the same tiling on floors and walls for an integrated and cossetting effect. I particularly like our Premium Mystic Black Polished Marble range ; to me, it manages to look both retro and on trend at the same time. Its combination of texture and depth helps to create an inviting ambience to your bathroom that is minimalistic without being too clinical, whilst the superior quality of the marble gives an unrivalled touch of opulence.

Shower or bath – or both?!

The final feature of the Hartland bathroom that really appealed to me was a large walk in shower cubicle.  This provided the choice between a long relaxing bath and a more time-efficient – but equally enjoyable! – shower.  Have a browse through our Gallery to see a wide range of shower cubicles in our latest projects – some of which are simply stunning!   If you are limited for space in your bathroom you may need to make the choice between a great bath or a great shower, or to try and combine the two.  All of this can be done very successfully with the right guidance – see our blog entry of February 4th  – but it’s a real privilege to have the space to entertain the idea of having both.

Whatever the space you have available, and whatever your ideal bathroom combination, come and visit us in our Camberley showroom to get inspiration about what might be possible. We have over 25 years’ expertise in designing ideal bathrooms and making dreams come true.


We will return to Memory Lane in a future article, and look at another memory to recreate. But meanwhile consider what would your memorable bathroom moments be? Why not let Stone and Chrome help you create your ideal bathroom – bringing together the best features from your happy memories with the most contemporary bathroom fittings available today!

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