Great Valentine’s Day Escapes

So here we go again! The annual day when everyone feels obliged to express their love with cheesy cards, predictable gifts and overpriced restaurant meals.

The annoying thing is that despite using all the above adjectives it is so easy to get swept into the hype and do it anyway. It seems antisocial not to, and we don’t want to let our loved one down.

So to help you in your dilemma let’s look at some alternative ways you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Things that everyone can do – whether we are coupled or single, happily or otherwise.

Value yourself

There is so much truth in the concept that if you don’t value yourself then no-one else will. People who feel good about themselves project a confidence and assurance to others that will result in you being respected by them. So even if you are fed up of the whole Valentine’s Day thing, take a deep breath hold your head high, and go out to face the world!

Allow yourself some treats

Part of valuing yourself is taking care of yourself. So whatever else is on your agenda today, make sure that you build in time to treat yourself. Do whatever that means for you. How about a nice long soak in the bath for starters? Some peaceful and quiet “me-time”.

Laugh Out Loud

Many people squirm at the abbreviated LOL that permeates so much online communication these days. But it does have a valid point. We can get so busy with day to day life that we never get to have a really good laugh. So today let’s change all that! Find something that really makes you laugh – whether it’s a favourite comedy that never fails to amuse or some kind of physical activity – and Laugh Out Loud!

Enjoy yourself

Related to the above, take time during your day to enjoy yourself. Not necessarily a LOL moment but just something that you like to do but normally don’t bother because you haven’t time and/or other things are more important. Instead of working through lunch at your desk why not take a stroll in the fresh air or take a few minutes to read the paper or do the crossword instead?

Never too late!

So what is that dream that you have always had but now fear will never be fulfilled? It’s never too late! Whether it’s to learn a language or take up a sport or travel to some far flung place, the only reason it is not going to happen is because you are not doing anything about it. So now is the time to change all that!

Take a look at your home

Is it the home you want it to be? A place where you can truly relax and be yourself? Over the years it is easy for homes to become merely functional rather than beautiful. But it is possible for them to be both! Why not take a browse through our galleries pages to be inspired by our wonderful bathroom designs. And we have kitchens coming soon too! A new bathroom or kitchen this year might be just what you need?

Invite everyone round

Valentine’s Day can be a lonely time for many. So if you do not already have plans tonight then why not invite everyone round to your place? Yes some people will already be doing something but you’ll be surprise by the numbers of people who are not doing anything and would just love to join you. Such impromptu gatherings can often be much more fun than something more planned. Enjoy!

No guilt

In today’s society, where lives are lived under the constant scrutiny of social media, we can always feel guilty: as if whatever we do is not good enough. Or when we do things that are just about good enough then we’re not doing enough of them. But today banish the guilt! If you follow at least some of the above steps then you will achieve an awful lot today. So silence the voices in your head and determine to be your own person from now on.


And breathe! Hopefully some of the above ideas have resonated with you and you can build them into your Valentine’s Day. Of course we all know that love is about so much more than one day a year. So we also hope that some of the above ideas can help you to bring more positivity into your life from now on if you have been in a bit of a rut.

If you do decide that perhaps a new bathroom or kitchen is now on the agenda then why not visit us at Stone and Chrome. We would love to welcome you at our Camberley showroom, and show you our fabulous displays of bathrooms and wetrooms.

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Stone and Chrome! We hope that you have a wonderful day whatever you decide to do and whatever situation you are in.

Check back here soon for more lifestyle hints from Stone and Chrome.

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