New Year – New Bathroom?

Welcome to 2015 – and from all of us at Stone and Chrome, a very Happy New Year!    Now that the festive season is well and truly over, and we’ve had time to consider our hopes and dreams for the coming year, it’s time to put wheels in motion to make at least some of those ideas a reality over the next twelve months.  For many of us, home improvement is high on the agenda of things to do this year, and a great place to start is a new bathroom!   This blog features some of the more weird and wonderful (or perhaps not so wonderful!) bathrooms that have come to our attention over the last few months . . . . .


A Footballer’s Palace in Pink


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.11.07The Essex mansion of West Ham footballer Andy Carroll and his fiancee Billy Mucklow hit the headlines last weekend after they posted photographs on social media.  Suffice it to say that almost everything in the home is pink, one of the few pictured exceptions being a bathroom that is actually quite tasteful!   Based on warm but neutral colours, it features a free-standing bath perfectly positioned to enjoy your favourite television programme or movie.   Recessed storage provides the ideal setting for matching accessories.



Hippy Explosion


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.19.52This stunning bathroom concept is entitled the ‘Gaudi Submarine’.   It was created by various artists as part of a project called Granny’s Cottage in San Francisco.  All the rooms in the Cottage are elaborately and artistically designed in an explosion of colours and styles that could really only come from the heart of the hippy movement!  But take a look for some inspiration and perhaps a few brave ideas for something a little bit different!


Extraordinarily Eclectic


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.35.36This lovely bathroom combines a myriad of design features that achieves an impressive overall ambience.   The free-standing zinc bath and tall pillars is reminiscent of a grand old hotel, whilst the glass ship chandelier gives it a rather arty twist.   It’s interesting how this bathroom makes clever use of a smallish space to create something that is ornate yet functional.




Room with a View


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.40.16This gorgeous ground floor bathroom has a spectacular view.   How comfortable you would feel using it depends perhaps on your faith in one-way glass, but imagine relaxing in the bath and soaking up the view!   We love the blend of the traditional and contemporary features in this bathroom, with the enormous flagstones and free-standing bath complemented perfectly by the wood and glass furniture and accessories.  Simply beautiful!


Hitting the Slopes


Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.30.36Finally we just had to show you this one!  For anyone who loves ski-ing it would be a great choice!  We love the way it combines clever use of perspective and artwork to create an unforgettable experience.  Perhaps not quite what you would expect in most homes but what novelty value!   The problem might be getting them to come out!






Most of the above examples are, admittedly, one-offs and you would not necessarily want to reproduce them in your home.  But we do hope that they have entertained you and have perhaps also served to give you a few possible ideas for a special design of your own.   If you are planning to create a new bathroom in 2015,  or to refurbish an existing one, do get in touch with us to discuss your design ideas in more detail; we would be delighted to help you create the bathroom of your dreams this year.


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