Water Therapy

waterWhat is it about water?   For many of us, water seems to signify peace and relaxation.   The more you think about it, the more songs, poems, and works of art featuring water come to mind.



We are 70% water!

This is no coincidence!   For centuries, water has been known to have restorative properties.  Whether we’re talking about consuming it inwardly or absorbing it outwardly, water is critical to our health and well-being.   This is because 70% of the human body is made up of water.  It has an integral role in most of the physiological processes that sustain life.   We are probably all familiar with times when we have become dehydrated for some reason and then suffer from a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, cramps and digestive problems.  This is not surprising given that without sufficient fluid, most of our bodily functions will not be able to work to full capacity.


Healing water

As well as its importance for our internal health, external exposure to water can also bring tremendous benefits – physically, mentally and even spiritually.  As far back as the days of Moses, bathing in river water was claimed to cure leprosy.  Hippocrates – who is known as the “father of modern medicine” and lived around 500BC – wrote extensively on treating diseases with water.  Around the same time, the ancient Greeks and Persians created magnificent buildings dedicated to public bathing.  Not forgetting of course the renowned Roman baths in Bath, England!


Some like it hot

Nowadays, people all round the world people around the world enjoy the therapeutic qualities of water to cleanse, heal and relax the body.   Relaxing in warm water stimulates the production of white blood cells which strengthens the immune system, and also encourages sweating which helps to remove toxins from the body. On the other hand, cold water is a great way to refresh, reduce inflammation and boost the circulation.


Back to our roots

Nor does water just have physical benefits.  Many people believe that by immersing ourselves in water, we are in some way reconnecting with our pre-birth experiences and re-awakening our deepest selves.  Water also symbolises connect both to others and to the eternal.  Think of the many religious rituals that involve water:  Christian baptism, Jewish rite of immersion, and Hindus bathing in the Ganges.  Link that to the camaraderie of Native American warriors relaxing together after battle in hot springs, ancient Romans bathing together to chat and do business, and the many other cultures – such as Japanese, Russian and Turks – that embrace some kind of communal bathing.   It is clear that in additional to cleansing and relaxing us, bathing can provide experience of both community and the sacred.


Come on in – the water’s lovely!

What better time to think about our own relationship with water.  Do we consume enough inwardly day by day to keep our bodies in peak condition?   Do we spend enough time allowing ourselves to relax in water to care for our whole being – body, mind and spirit?


At Stone and Chrome we take the whole concept of water therapy very seriously.  We create beautiful bathrooms that you will love to spend time in: not just for essential cleansing purposes but also to enjoy a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.   The images below show some examples of our stunning bathroom products, all of which are made from quality natural materials to enhance their integrity.  From top left moving clockwise, we feature a steam shower, whirlpool bath, walk in shower, and free standing stone bath.


Untitled drawing-2


If you want to know more about our wonderful products or bathroom design and installation services then do get in touch with us and we’d be delighted to help!


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