Soap – How Do You Like Yours?!  

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 08.04.59We came across a fascinating article recently entitled “Five reasons some people prefer bars of soap to liquid soap”.  Apparently, market research firm Mintel has found that 87% of Britons regularly buy liquid soap, compared to 71% who buy bars of it. Although bars of soap are less popular and this trend is increasing, there are still some who would not have their soap any other way.



Reasons for the continuing popularity of solid soap in some quarters are suggested as being:

  • it’s traditional and has a huge history
  • it’s more luxurious in both appearance and scent
  • it feels cleaner, psychologically
  • it uses less packaging and is therefore more eco-friendly
  • it is easier to use than a liquid bottle


If you usually use liquid soap, reading the above may perhaps influence you to give solid soap another try!   So we thought it would be helpful to look at stylish ways of incorporating both types of soap in a luxury bathroom.


Liquid Soap Bottles



At Stone and Chrome we specialise in clever bathroom storage solutions.  Recessed shelving – often accentuated by stylish LED lighting – provides ample space for liquid soap and other essential bathroom toiletries.   These two images illustrate this perfectly.   On the right is an example a free-standing stone bath with a recessed, LED-lit shelf to display bathroom toiletries.


image2The image on the left shows a wonderful wet room with walk-in shower.  As you can see, there is plenty of shelving for all your bottles, yet the effect is spacious and elegant without looking cluttered.  The walk-in shower also has built-in seating for you to enjoy your relaxing shower in complete comfort.




You can browse through many more images of bathrooms in our gallery here.


Soap Dishes and Dispensers


Another clever way to store liquid soap is in a dispenser that matches the rest of your bathroom colours and style.  Similarly if you are using solid soap there are a wide variety of stylish soap dishes available.  Below on the left we show some examples of these products in our distinctive ranges of bamboo and stone.  These are just some of the many items available from our retail arm Lovebathrooms.




Above on the right is an image of a beautiful monochrome cloakroom featuring a chrome soap dispenser, which adds the perfect finishing touch to the contemporary minimalistic style.


Clever Combinations


However you like your soap, it can be beautifully incorporated into a Stone and Chrome bathroom!  We particularly love the image at the top of this article that shows all three types of soap existing in perfect harmony.  There is a colourful array of designer liquid soaps on the recessed mirrored shelving by the bath, complemented perfectly by the flickering candles and subtle LED lighting.   There is then a stylish liquid soap dispenser on the shelf by the basin, which blends in perfectly with the surrounding tiling.  Last but not least, there is plenty of room for a block of good old traditional solid soap on the surface of the elegant curved basin itself.


We hope that these images have given you some ideas and inspiration as to how to create a luxury bathroom that is both beautiful yet practical!  Why not pay a visit to our Camberley showroom to view more bathroom ideas, or get in touch with us to see how else we can help make your dream bathroom a reality.


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