Hi-Tech Bathrooms

These days there is an increasing range of high-tech products available for bathrooms.  It’s good to be fully aware of these when designing a new bathroom, and perhaps consider incorporating some of them into your lovely new bathroom!  This article therefore looks at some of the latest products that we feel may be of interest to our Stone and Chrome clientele.


Your own space

We believe that the development of these products has at least in part been triggered by the growing trend for open-plan living.  Because the interiors of homes are increasingly open, the bathroom has grown in importance in terms of being a private space. Not only does it need to be functional, but it also serves as one of the few places to which we can retreat for some much-needed privacy and “me-time”.  So, as well as all the facilities of a luxury bathroom, it may be the place where you want to relax and watch your favourite TV show or listen to music of your choice.


One to Watch

There are now state of the art wall-mounted flat screen televisions  made especially for bathrooms, that are able to withstand wet environments.   Some models have built-in fog resistance, so can survive even if you have a wet room or steam shower.   For those that may have a concern about the use of electrical products in bathrooms, rest assured that stringent safety measures have evolved in tandem with these technological developments and all is well. If you have any concerns about this aspect of bathroom design we would be happy to advise you further.  Bathroom televisions come with remote control so that you can lie back and enjoy!


Another concern about bathroom televisions is that they can look intrusive and perhaps even somewhat “tacky”!  But as the image here shows, a television can be incorporated into a high end bathroom in a way that is stylish and in keeping with other visual features of  the room.




Music to your ears

If you are more interested in music in your bathroom we’re pleased to say that there are now bespoke remote controlled sound systems designed especially for bathrooms.  This means that you can surround yourself with your favourite music whilst relaxing in the bath or shower.  Top quality sound is provided through wall or ceiling mounted speakers with the facility to support inbuilt DAB radio, and there are options to connect devices such as iPods, iPhones and iPads through either bluetooth or docking station.


sound system


Lighting your world

To complete the ambient effect of your high-tech bathroom why not add some subtle LED lighting? Not only can this create a restful – almost ethereal – effect, but it can also create the illusion of space and depth in your bathroom, and can be used to train the eye towards or away from different areas of your bathroom.  We particularly like the two examples below.  On the left, LED lighting is used as subtle emphasis for the shower seating, and on the right the whirlpool bath itself features LED chromatherapy lighting.

led right

led left











For a perfect finishing touch to your new bathroom how about a wall-mounted champagne bucket?!  What better way to enjoy an indulgent bathroom experience worthy of the best country house hotel whenever you choose!





If you would like to know more about any of these products and how to incorporate them effectively into a designer bathroom then we would be more than happy to help.  Why not pay a visit to our Camberley showroom to find out more about how you can make your bathroom a real retreat from the stress and pressure of everyday life.



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