Winning Bathrooms

Election season is upon us, and we are being bombarded by all the parties trying to win our vote.  Every day more ideas hit the press, only to be countered by the other parties who then put their own ideas into the firing line – and so it goes on!  How interesting it would be to fast forward a week and see the outcome of their endeavours whilst all the campaigning is still going on – a bit like flicking forward to the end of a book the reading the rest of the story!


All this has got us thinking about what you would vote for as your best bathroom feature?  If you could make just one improvement to you bathroom, what would it be?  Whilst we are not mind readers, we reckon that a lot of votes would go to at least one of the the three features below:


Wet Room

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 16.11.43Wet rooms are increasingly popular and are often featured on interior design and home makeover programmes.  The wet room concept originates from Scandinavia and is fundamentally a tiled shower area without an enclosed shower cubicle.   A wet room can work whatever the size of your bathroom, as long as the bathroom is fully waterproofed.  Many wet rooms are tiled from floor to ceiling which can really open up the space in your bathroom and give it a very chic minimalist look.  Wet rooms are also ideal for those with mobility issues, as there is no issue with either climb into a bath or over a cubicle tray. A wet room is a perfect addition to create accessibility at the same time as a great look. Choosing a wet room means that there is no need to struggle getting into a bath or over a shower cubicle tray.  Some also feature a shower seat.  All in all, we reckon that a wet room would get many people’s vote!


Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are timelessly elegant.  They perfectly complement both traditional and contemporary design and form a Design-BG-imagenatural centrepiece for the bathroom, as the eye is naturally drawn to the bath.   Free Standing baths come in a range of materials and finishes.  With our love of stone, we particularly like stone freestanding baths such as the one featured here.  What better than to lie back and soak away the cares of the day in such a beautiful surrounding!   Freestanding baths are also very versatile in terms of space usage.  If you have a large bathroom space they can be positioned to use up some
of that space around them in an imposing yet elegant way.  But if you are limited on space, they can be cleverly angled to taper into what could otherwise be dead space.  A strong contender we think!


Whirlpool Bath

The image here actually shows an array of various wonderful bathroom features!  At the heart is a fabulous whirlpool bath.  What a way to unwind!  The gentle massaging action of the bath can soothe away the stresses and strains of the day whilst the pressure of the jets of air and water can be very therapeutic for ailments such as joint and muscle pain, poor circulation and skin problems.  The bath also features LED chromatherapy lighting which enables you to create the ambience of your choice.  The image also includes an inbuilt television; you can read more about Hi-Tech bathrooms LINK in our last blog.   So this combination really does have something for everyone!

Kaldewei Conoduo steel bath with 16 jet whirlpool system with LED chromatherapy lighting - this bath also features integrated filling system.
Kaldewei Conoduo steel bath with 16 jet whirlpool system with LED chromatherapy lighting – this bath also features integrated filling system.


How to choose?   Well, it seems very possible that next week’s election will return another coalition government of some description.  So you could be very topical and have a coalition bathroom comprising two of the above features!  Have a browse through our gallery for ideas and inspiration for your bathroom – then why not get in touch with us to start making your plans a reality.  We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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