Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung!  Today is the Spring Equinox and next weekend is Easter, which many people see as the official start of spring.  This year Easter Sunday is also the day when the clocks spring forward.  


Spring is a time when many of us begin to feel restless and start wanting to make changes in our lives and in our homes.  The dark mornings and evenings of winter are beginning to become a memory rather than a daily challenge, and we start to feel like doing more with our time rather than just huddling inside in some kind of semi-hibernation mode!


So, what changes will you start to make this spring?   Perhaps you will decide that it’s finally the right time either to add a new bathroom to your home or refurbish an existing one.  In our last article we looked at some of the current trends in bathroom design which we hope has given you some ideas and inspiration if you are ready for major changes.  


In the meantime you can bring a bit of spring freshness to an existing bathroom by adding one or more of the following seasonal touches:




Adding a splash of fresh spring colour to your bathroom can immediately help it feel up to date.  The colours we associate with spring such as green, yellow, orange, and pink can be used effectively to accentuate your existing colour scheme.  Try adding some accessories in one or more of these gorgeous spring colours and see the difference! You could just add new towels or other soft furnishings or if you have a lot of storage space in your bathroom you could also add a few seasonal flowers or china, glassware and candles – all in lovely spring colours.




recessed lighting

If your bathroom has dimmer switches you can vary the brightness and ambience, including a bright fresh daylight feel for spring.  If not then you may want to try different strengths and colours of bulb for different lighting effects.  One of our trademarks at Stone and Chrome is the subtle use of LED lighting.  It can brighten up a corner or a storage area and add a lovely ethereal feel to your bathroom.  We particularly like combining it with storage areas so that even the most practical functions of your bathroom can be transformed into a stylish feature!  




summaryMirrors can make an enormous difference to the perceived size and depth of your bathroom by reflecting and refracting light around your bathroom.  So think carefully about where best to position your mirror, or perhaps you could have more than one mirror that reflect off each other.   Either way, you can significantly update and refresh the look of your bathroom by adding a new mirror or change an existing one, perhaps incorporating one or more of the spring colours listed above.  Choose a mirror that both complements your existing colour scheme and adds an interesting spring twist.


Enjoy bringing a touch of spring to your bathroom!   If you are considering  then be sure to read our next article in which we will look at the pitfalls to avoid when you are creating a new bathroom.   At Stone and Chrome we have over 25 years of planning and designing bathrooms and would be happy to help you with your ideas.  Over the Easter weekend why not come and visit our Camberley showroom where we have a range of bathrooms and wetrooms for you to look at and to visualise how beautiful a Stone and Chrome bathroom could look in your home.

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