Don’t be Foolish about Bathrooms

april-fools-day-41April Fool’s Day is upon us and once again we need to be on our guard against being fooled.  Even some of the more respected national newspapers will take the opportunity to publish spoof stories and – even more worryingly – many readers will believe them simply because they’re in print!



Whilst we can laugh about this – and perhaps even remember being taken in ourselves at one point – we do need to apply an equal level of discernment and caution to other areas of our lives.  Most of us tend to be quite trusting as people and believe what we are told, especially when by a supposed expert.  But this can lead to all kinds of problems if we are not careful.   Take for example the world of bathrooms …


If you are planning to install a new bathroom or refurbish an existing one then it is crucial that you get things right.  You need to seek the best advice possible and make sure that everything is exactly as you want it.  Here are a few things to consider carefully during bathroom installation:


Plan carefully


Good planning is the key to success.  Most of us want instant results once we have made up our mind to do something – especially if you come across what seems like a good limited time offer on equipment or installation.  But always remember that successful bathroom refurbishment inevitably involves an array of different elements, such as plumbing, electrics, ventilation, flooring etc – that the job needs to be planned very carefully so that things are done in best way and the right order.


Get the sizes right!


Most bathrooms are somewhat limited on space, so be careful you are not trying to fit too much in.  Sometimes less is more!  We’ve all heard examples of things like doors not being able to open all the way because the sink is too big . . . and so it goes on.  Small can be beautiful so if you are limited on space don’t be tempted to “hope for the best”!  Shop around and you will be able to find good quality bathroom furniture and fittings in all shapes and sizes – including bespoke.  


Buy the best that you can


You want your new bathroom to last and should see it as an investment.  There is no point in going through a major refurbishment in terms of plumbing, electrics and flooring, only to finish off with the cheapest fittings you can find.  Whilst you don’t need to spend a fortune, there’s a lot of truth in the old adage “you get what you pay for”.  Buy the best you can and you can expect it to last and look good for years to come.  


Choose designers and fitters that you can trust


If you’re talking to friends about bathroom refurbishment you will undoubtedly have heard many horror stories about the kind of things that can go wrong with building work in the home!  It is essential to choose an installer that you trust and ideally that has been recommended to you personally.  Always check references and professional qualifications/associations.  If necessary, it is worth waiting for the right company that you know will do a decent job rather than choosing second best just to get the job done quickly.


Stone and Chrome


If you feel a little worried after reading the above then don’t!   Stone and Chrome can help.   We make things easy for you by providing a 3D model of your plans using computer aided design software.  This will enable you to see clearly how your bathroom will look on completion and try different virtual layouts and combinations before making a final decision.

At Stone and Chrome we also offer a full installation service and have many satisfied customers.   We would be delighted to help you with any aspect of your new bathroom – design, supply, installation or any combination of the three!  

Take a look through our gallery to see examples of what we can do then why not get in touch with us to arrange a visit to our Camberley showroom where we can help you flesh out your ideas for the bathroom of your dreams!

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