Sporting Bathrooms!

downloadWe are fast approaching a summer of sport! It can’t have escaped your notice that we have the Rio Olympics in August,  but we also have Wimbledon Tennis in June, Euro 16 Football in June/July, Tour de France Cycling in July, British and US Open Golf in June/July, US Open Tennis in August/September and of course the Rio Paralympics in September.  To name but a few!



So however you feel about sport, you will not be able to avoid it this summer!  Whether you are watching, participating in or avoiding sport then your bathroom is of key importance during this summer of sport.


Participating in Sport


If the summer of sport inspires you to become more sporty yourself then you will really relish time in your bathroom afterwards.  There is nothing like a hot shower to wash away the stresses and strains of sporting activity and to make you feel human again.  A walk in shower or wet room – such as that pictured here – is particularly welcome on your weary return!  



If you are going to be participating in sport on a regular basis then you may want to investigate a steam shower.  They are wonderful for the circulation as the steam causes your body temperature to rise which stimulates blood flow and circulation.  This has all kinds of benefits including relieving aches and pains,  boosting your immune system and healing wounds.  Perfect after a hard training session!  Steam showers also have other benefits such as benefitting a range of respiratory and sinus infections,  improving the condition and appearance of the skin, and even contributing to weight loss by increasing the effectiveness of the lymphatic system, resulting in a higher metabolic rate and calories consequently being burned faster.  




For those who prefer to languish in a warm bath then do it in style.   The image below left shows one of our stunning range of stone baths – perfect for elegant relaxation!   Whilst on the right you can see an example of a whirlpool bath: a very good idea if you are doing sport regularly.  The gentle massaging action of a whirlpool bath can soothe away stresses and strains and the pressure of the jets of air and water are claimed to have various therapeutic and healing properties. Sufferers of joint and muscle pain often find the symptoms dramatically relieved by the improved circulation that the increased temperature of a whirlpool bath can stimulate. The pressure of the jets causes deep pressure and relief to aching muscles and joints.


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 17.25.58


Watching Sport


ChampagneIf you prefer to watch sport than participate then you could also do this in the privacy of your bathroom if you choose!  There are many entertainment systems now available for bathrooms – such as the one pictured above right – that enable you to luxuriate in a nice warm bath and watch television at the same time.  Why not add a cheeky glass of champagne for a totally indulgent experience?!





Avoiding Sport


Finally, if you prefer to avoid the summer of sport altogether and pretend it isn’t happening then you can create time for yourself in your bathroom instead!  Why not schedule a home spa session and spend time pampering yourself while the rest of the world watches the sporting action.   The benefits of steam showers and whirlpool baths – as outlined above – are there for everyday use not just after sporting activities.   Just add a few of your favourite lotions and potions and spend some quality me time away from everyone else.  Enjoy!


However you plan to spend this summer of sport, make sure your bathroom is up to the challenge!  Why not get in touch with us now at Stone and Chrome to arrange a visit to our Camberley showroom to see for yourself some of the products mentioned above and how beautiful a Stone and Chrome bathroom would look in your home this summer!


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