Top Tips for 5 Star Bathrooms!

It’s the time of year when many of us are able to travel far and wide, with varying degrees of success!

Most of us will hopefully return home with wonderful tales of happy times and good experiences; some, however, may not be quite as wonderful – even to the extent of being a catalogue of disasters!   It’s fascinating to read reviews of holiday destinations on websites such as TripAdvisor to see what kind of things can really delight people – and what can really spoil things.

In this article we list some of the consistent themes we’ve noticed that people mention about bathrooms.  What works and what doesn’t?  Definitely worth bearing in mind if you are planning a bathroom installation or refurbishment in the near future!



   Poor Bathroom Layout

This means, for example, that the door doesn’t open fully because the basin is in the way, or that you bang your head on the bathroom cabinet after brushing your teeth!  No matter how small your space, a well-designed bathroom will be both functional and enjoyable to use.  At Stone and Chrome we use state of the art highest quality computer aided design software in our Camberley showroom to enable you to see just how your bathroom will look on completion and make sure that everything fits.


green-tick-620Wet Rooms

Bathrooms that have a wet room area, or at least a walk in shower, are always popular and tend to receive rave reviews.  At Stone and Chrome we are experts in both these and find them to be a very good investment for the home as well as being an excellent bathroom feature for the current owner.  For a wet room to be as effective as it can be, the whole bathroom should be very carefully planned to ensure that it is fully waterproof in every way – flooring, walls and windows all need to be taken into account – and that there is proper and adequate drainage.  If these fundamentals are not in place then sadly this can ruin the most lovely wet room and all the fixtures and fittings within it.  

8cAEeqMca  Slippery Flooring

So many people complain about hotel bathrooms having slippery floors, and this is a real safety hazard.  When choosing flooring for your own bathroom the best thing is to look at natural products – such as stone – that will not only look good but provide a safe solid surface.  At Stone and Chrome we supply a wide variety of natural stone tiling which is the perfect choice for a beautiful and functional bathroom.

green-tick-620Natural Light

Even the most beautifully furbished bathroom will not look good if the lighting is not right.  The ideal is to have lots of natural light in your bathroom as this lifts the whole appearance and creates the perfect backdrop to your chosen tiling and bathroom furniture – especially if they are made from natural products.  If, however, your natural lighting is not as good as you would like it to be, then you can compensate for this with creative lighting in your bathroom, and enhance the overall appearance dramatically.

8cAEeqMca  Cheap Furnishings

As bathroom designers we will help you achieve the best possible bathroom that fits with your available budget.  We will never try and persuade you to spend more money than you intend.  However, we will also help you – within your budget – to purchase the best possible quality products available as we believe that these will last longer and will provide you with better value in the long term.  


Why not browse through the gallery on our website to get some ideas and inspiration for 5 star bathrooms?  We love the example below that really does tick all the above boxes!  Even though the space was small, the careful design ensures that there is the necessary space for everything and that it all fits perfectly.  The bathroom features a gorgeous walk in shower and as the bathroom was an awkward shape we created a bespoke shower door.  It also features a Palomba WC from Laufen and Vista vanity basin unit from Roper Rhodes. The walls and floor are tiled in Premium Italian Botticino Marble.  The bathroom is bathed in wonderful natural light but we also added our Stone and Chrome trademark of LED lit storage recesses to give it the perfect finishing touch.  We’re sure you’ll agree it deserves 5 stars!


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 15.06.34

For your perfect 5 star bathroom why not contact Stone and Chrome today and arrange to visit our Camberley showroom to see for yourself some of the things that we can help you achieve no matter what size your space or your budget!

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