Bank Holiday Blues

440779241_ab190f9038_z-2 There is something horribly depressing about August Bank Holiday!  It feels like it should be the final glorious day of the holiday season: summer’s swan song.  Yet it is often a damp squib – both in terms of poor weather and also the frenzied activity of the dreaded “Back to School”.   At this time of year we really do need something to look forward to over the next few months, some kind of “project” to enjoy as autumn gradually makes its appearance.

This is an ideal time of year to plan a new bathroom!  Whether adding a completely new one or refurbishing an existing one, it is an ideal autumn project.  If you have been away this summer, you may be inspired by some of the features you have seen whilst travelling – see our last blog for some examples.   If you need some ammunition to persuade the rest of the family why a new bathroom is important, here are four winning ideas to help!


Year round indulgence

Stone & Chrome KBB entry Project 25k + image 1 - AfterA luxury bathroom is a joy all year round!  It can help you keep cool in summer: just think of the wonderful feeling of a long refreshing shower after a day outdoors.  We particularly love walk in showers and wetrooms during the summer for total relaxation and rehydration.   During the colder months there is nothing like a luxurious bath to help you warm up, whether this is a stand alone stone bath or something more integrated, it is an essential feature of a wonderful bathroom.


A slice of me time


Life is increasingly busy these days, and it can be difficult to find even a few minutes for a bit of “me time”.  Having a new luxury bathroom is an ideal opportunity to create some time out.  As using the bathroom is part of our daily routine anyway, it can be relatively easy to build in a bit of extra time to indulge!  At Stone and Chrome we can supply and install a range of additional features in your bathroom – such as a television or a sound system – to make it a haven for you to truly relax.


 Hospitality made easy

Most families entertain family and friends either on a regular or occasional basis and sometimes this involves overnight stays.  How much easier it would be to have additional bathroom facilities for your guests!  No matter how much we may rush around tidying and cleaning before guests arrive, there is not much you can do to really enhance a tired bathroom.  But with a brand new luxury bathroom they’ll be queuing at your door!


Good investment

Whilst you may love a luxury bathroom, you also need to be mindful of whether it is a good long term investment.  Many home improvements do not make a difference to the overall value of your home and therefore if you are potentially planning to move in the not too distant future you would be wise to investigate this aspect.  Recent information from This is Money indicates that adding an extra bathroom to your home can add 6% to the value of your home and, according to Phil Spencer, refurbishing an existing one can add 2.88% to the value.  Sounds like a win-win situation!bright-sun

For more bathroom inspiration, why not take a browse through our Gallery now and picture how a Stone and Chrome bathroom would look in your home?  Then get in touch with us – perhaps visit our Camberley showroom – and start banishing those Bank Holiday Blues once and for all!  

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