What Colour is Your Water?!

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Well done Team GB!    We are so proud of them for clinching second place in Rio and for all the hard work and effort that they have put in to be able to do that.   We’re now looking forward to the Paralympics and wish them too every success.


Why the green water?!


Early on in the Olympics there was much consternation about the colour of the water in the diving pool.  Tom Daley’s Twitter photo (above) – captioned “Ermmm…what happened?!” – was liked and retweeted by thousands.   The previous day the two pools had been the same shade of azure, which caused much speculation as to what changed overnight!   


The water was immediately tested and there was found to be no risk to athletes.  After further investigation it was found that hydrogen peroxide had been poured into the pools the day of the opening ceremony, and the hot airless conditions had caused it to react to the chlorine in the pool and cause the drastic colour change.   Thankfully it didn’t seem to put off Team GB, four of whom won medals for diving.


But colour is important and can make a huge difference to how you feel.   In our last blog  – Winning Bathrooms –  we looked at current trends in bathrooms, one of which is the increased use of technology to enhance our bathroom experience.  Part of this trend is chromotherapy.  




Chromotherapy is colour light therapy.   The theory behind it is that each of the seven spectrum colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet – has a unique energy vibration pattern which relates to each of the seven main chakras (energy centres) of the body.  Chromotherapy uses colours to bring balance to our physical and emotional wellbeing, and is thought by some to achieve the same unblocking effects as therapies such as acupuncture.


Whether or not you believe in these deeper effects of chromotherapy there is certainly a great sense of peace and de-stressing when you can lie back in a luxuriating bath surrounded by colours of your choice.  At Stone and Chrome we are pleased to incorporate chromotherapy into bathrooms for this purpose.  Let’s take a look at two ways you might want to do this.


Chromotherapy in the bath


Many baths – such as the one pictured here – feature built in coloured lights.   These cast ribbons of your desired colour(s) for a truly holistic bathing experience.  You can choose whether to bathe in a constantly changing array of colours or to select one that either fits with or will help to stimulate your current mood.  You may also want to enhance the experience further by combining it with some of your favourite music through one of the many bathroom audio systems available!



Chromotherapy on the ceiling


If you would prefer to light up your whole bathroom with colour then you could have a bathroom that features chromotherapy lighting on the ceiling.   The image below shows an example of recessed chromotherapy lighting in a soothing pale blue shade.   The beautiful bathroom attracted the attention of the Houzz website in Australia, who featured it in their listings of chromotherapy bathrooms!


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 09.08.58


Whatever the colour you want your water to be – and however you would like to feature chromotherapy in your bathroom – why not come and chat about your ideas with Stone and Chrome?  We’d love to welcome you to our Camberley showroom to see some examples of our beautiful bathrooms.  


Thankfully you don’t need to travel to either Australia or Rio to let Stone and Chrome help you bring a little colour into your new bathroom!

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