Winning Bathrooms!

August is upon us and for many of us it’s the Great British Summer Holiday!     Whether we’ve been away, are about to go away, or are enjoying a staycation, bathrooms are of critical importance!


Hotel Bathrooms


Anyone who has stayed in a hotel will have at least one bathroom horror story to tell.   We all know one friend who seems to trigger plumbing problems wherever they are, or somehow manages to flood the bathroom floor when showering.   My most memorable bathroom experience was in strange old hotel in a small American town called Independence (every state has one!) whose bathroom – together with shower curtain – resembled Psycho far more than I was comfortable with!


If you have had any hotel bathroom problems there’s nothing like the relief of coming home to your own familiar trusty bathroom.  But conversely if you have formed an attachment to a wonderful hotel bathroom then yours may look somewhat shabby by comparison.  Similarly if you’re enjoying a staycation you may be finding your current bathroom just a little, well, wanting!   It’s always good to have something to look forward to so how about planning a bathroom refurbishment?  


Five Top Trends


Getting into the Olympic spirit we’ve come up with a list of five winning trends that you might want to consider for your new bathroom.  Many of these were featured at the Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show (KBIS) that takes place annually in the US, and if you have travelled far and wide this summer you may already have been lucky enough to experience some of them in person!


ONE:   Hi Technology Bathing

No longer is a bath just a bath!   It can now also be a completely sensual experience with options such as built-in audio systems and chromatherapy (the use of mood-enhancing colours).   At Stone and Chrome we are off to a good start here: the image below shows one of our bathrooms incorporating both of these features!


Kaldewei Conoduo steel bath with 16 jet whirlpool system with LED chromatherapy lighting - this bath also features integrated filling system.



TWO:   Water Saving Features

These days we are all concerned about the environment and keen to reduce our carbon footprint.  So any bathroom fixtures and fittings that can help us to regulate our water consumption have got to be good.  KBIS featured a variety of water-saving products such as low flush toilets, hands free taps, and smart showers which attracted a lot of interest.  If saving water is a high priority for you then why not come and take a look round our Camberley showroom and we can advise you on the best bathroom products to meet your requirements.


THREE:   Minimalism

We all hate clutter –  or so we say!  Sadly for many of us it is part of daily life and we are looking for ways of hiding it.  This applies just as much to the bathroom as to any room in the house.  Indeed, there seems little point in spending time effort and money in creating your ideal bathroom, only then to fill every inch of space with “stuff”.    At Stone and Chrome we are experts in creating clever bathroom storage solutions that will look minimalistically chic yet also provide space for that very stuff!










FOUR:   Accessibility

These days we are all living longer and many of us need to take accessibility into consideration when thinking of bathroom design.   Features such as walk in showers not only look wonderful but are also accessible to anyone.  We particularly like the model on the left which also has heated seats!  This means that every member of the family can enjoy a luxurious and revitalising shower whatever their level of mobility.


supply background image luxury









FIVE:   Keep It Natural

This is where Stone and Chrome storms across the finishing line to rapturous applause!  We are passionate about using natural products in our bathrooms and are also able to produce bespoke items in our designs, including our own range of solid wood bathroom furniture.  We also manufacture bespoke natural stone surfaces or natural stone accent pieces for a truly unique bathroom. Natural stone is an aspirational material to use in your bathroom or wetroom and has a timeless and elegant appearance that will delight each and every time you walk into your bathroom or wetroom.


We created a feature wall using quartz decopanel - the furniture is by Svedbergs.



So why not banish those post-holiday blues and get into the Olympic spirit by planning a winning bathroom?   Make Stone and Chrome your first port of call.  We look forward to welcoming you to our Camberley showroom very soon!

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