Why Stone and Chrome?

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What’s in a name?  There are many schools of thought on this one.  Names supposedly have meanings.  Does that mean therefore that the name you give a child will determine his or her future path …. or is it perhaps more the case that people form particular expectations of certain names and therefore react differently to them.  Who can forget Katie Hopkins vetting her children’s friends on the basis of their names!

For Stone and Chrome, our name means everything!   It reflects who we are and what we do.  It conveys our total passion for natural materials and our total conviction that they are the best products for the high end luxury bathroom of your dreams.  “Plastic and Vinyl” doesn’t have quite the same ring about it!   Let us just show you some of the benefits of Stone and Chrome!

Stone Tiling

We love to use natural stone tiling in our bathrooms, not just because it looks beautiful, but also because it has so many benefits.  We are particularly passionate about its sustainability.  It feels good that the stunning new bathroom that is either being built or refurbished is also in harmony with all of our desire to reduce our carbon footprint.  Natural stone tiles:

    • are a natural eco-friendly product
    • are durable and likely to last many years
    • are practical and easy to maintain
    • conduct heat so will add warmth to your home
  • are stylish and can add value to a property

The example below left shows a master en-suite tiled in our Premium Latte Travertine and painted Farrow & Ball Mouse’s Back.   The walk in shower even has stone-tiled heated seating!  As part of the same project you can see below right a beautiful cast iron bath.  Why not take a look at the rest of this stunning project here.  Then move on to see some of our stone baths …

Project 1293

 Stone Baths

Despite our joke about plastic and vinyl above, there are in fact many excellent high quality acrylic baths out there and if these are of interest then do browse our range.  We promise you will not be disappointed!   

Some of the advantages of a stone bath are:

    • a freestanding stone bath can become the centrepiece of your bathroom
    • variety of shapes and styles available to suit all bathroom designs
    • they are strong and durable and can last for years
    • they don’t crack and any small areas of damage can be easily repaired
  • stone is smooth to the touch and retains heat – enhancing your bathing experience

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 08.54.27The image on the left shows a stone bath that we love!  This was fitted as part of a
stunning master en-suite.  The bath is a natural stone freestanding bath from Clearwater Baths.  The bathroom is tiled in our Premium Silver Grey Limestone with matching stone surfaces, and is then painted with Farrow & Ball Elephant’s Breath.

Chrome Accessories

So far we have looked at some of our stone products but never forget the chrome!  Luxury chrome bathroom fittings and accessories add the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom.  They are solid and durable and have a wonderfully reflective finish that adds light and shine to your bathroom.  Below we show a few examples of classic touches of chrome that we’re sure you’ll agree look amazing!   To see more, why not browse through our gallery of finished bathrooms here.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our journey through Stone and Chrome today.  We would be delighted to show you more of the products we love, and warmly invite you to our Showroom at any time to see for yourself the beauty of Stone and Chrome.

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