Winter Wonderland

ed1d6b82526525a8547fbb871a8748e1Tis the season to be jolly so we thought we’d take a little look at some of the different ways you can enjoy your bathroom this Christmas!  Firstly, have you thought about Christmas decorations for your bathroom?  It is often the one room of the house that gets neglected in this respect!   But, as the image on the left shows,  there may well be ways that you could tastefully incorporate some types of Christmas decoration into your bathroom to give it a festive feel.

Whether or not you decide to decorate your bathroom, here are three of our favourite ways to indulge yourself over the festive season:


Bathing Beauty

On these dark winter nights it can be so comforting to take a long hot bath, infused with something lovely and fragrant.   If you have a whirlpool bath you can enjoy a gentle massaging action at the same time to soothe away all those stresses and strains!   Time to enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet – or, if you prefer, you can watch your favourite film or TV show or listen to a special playlist.   What better to top it all off than with a glass of chilled champagne, all ready at hand in your designer ice bucket.

Just in case you think we have disappeared into fairyland, all these things are indeed possible, as you can see from the images above.  In fact, why keep it just for Christmas . .  you could easily get used to this!




Showers of Blessing


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 08.08.28To refresh you, ease those knotted shoulders and get your circulation flowing as it should, nothing beats an invigorating shower! Even better, a luxurious walk in shower as pictured left.  Over Christmas why not treat yourself to a lovely long shower instead of having to clock watch as usual.   You can get settled on the heated seating and stretch out to make yourself really comfortable.  If you are also fortunate enough to have a steam shower then you can enjoy the cleansing and detoxing sensation and come out feeling thoroughly renewed!

A good quality shower is just like having your own spa at home that you can enjoy any day, any time.


Light Therapy


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 07.59.35

The right kind of lighting can make all the difference to your bathroom experience.  No matter how luxurious your bath or invigorating your shower, the effects can be marred if you have either inadequate or glary lighting.   If you are undertaking a bathroom refurbishment then do consider your lighting very carefully.   Use dimmer switches where possible so that you can control the ambience of the room to suit your mood.   Recessed LED lighting can add warmth and depth to corners of your bathroom, even storage areas such as those pictured right.  Mirrors and display units can also have inbuilt lighting which can help to create an ethereal, twinkling effect.  For a short term dramatic lighting effect use candles, which are not only Christmassy but can really help you to relax.


If your bathroom does not have the above features but this article has whetted your appetite, then why not consider either a new bathroom or a bathroom refurbishment in 2016?  To get further inspiration,  arrange a visit to our Camberley showroom.  You will enjoy seeing the range of bathrooms and wetrooms that we have on display and we would be more than happy to discuss your ideas and help you to start making plans for your ideal bathroom.


We hope that you enjoy the Christmas season and manage to find time to relax as well as having fun with family and friends.  From all of us at Stone and Chrome, Happy Christmas!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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