Bathroom Refurbishment: Where Do I Start?

So you’ve decided that this is the time to have a new bathroom? That’s exciting news! Before long you will be enjoying all the benefits of your wonderful new bathroom.



But now you’ve made that decision, where do you start? We’ve all heard horror stories about major home improvements that have gone badly wrong. This can often be the case with new bathrooms. In fact, according to a survey by consumer group Which?, 38% of those surveyed had run into problems when having a new bathroom installed.


The three main problems were:


  • The work taking longer than planned;
  • Poor quality workmanship;
  • Wrong parts being delivered.


So, when planning your refurbishment, how can you avoid these kinds of problems?


In this article we look at four steps you can take to make your bathroom refurbishment a success.


Do your research carefully to decide on the bathroom you want


In our recent article The Best Bathroom Design for Your Home we explored some of the factors that you need to take into consideration when planning a new bathroom. But we cannot over-stress the importance of doing your research to help you decide what you really want. 



Don’t be tempted to have the same bathroom style as someone else’s just because you like it. Their bathroom may be a completely different size and shape from yours, and what looks good in theirs may not work for you. So think about your wants and needs, and gather together plenty of ideas. But then it is really beneficial to get some expert help.


Get help from a professional bathroom designer


A professional bathroom designer is the person who can transform your dreams into reality. They can help you to understand how different products would look in your bathroom, and can ensure that you make the best use of the space you have available. By having a professional bathroom design you will also have the reassurance that everything is going to fit, and everything will work as it should. 



At Stone and Chrome we use top quality computer aided design software to produce a 3D image of how your bathroom will look on completion. You can make changes at the design stage to ensure that you are completely happy with your final decision before any installation work begins.


Buy the best products that you can afford


When planning your bathroom refurbishment, you will be working to a budget, and it’s important not to exceed that. But we would always advise that, within those constraints, you buy the best quality that you can afford. The old saying you get what you pay for does often hold true. Of course, you don’t want to be overcharged or ripped off, but do buy the best quality that you can because your bathroom will not only look better but also last much longer.



At Stone and Chrome we supply a wide range of top quality bathroom products from many reputable suppliers, and also create our own range of bathroom furniture. We’d be happy to advise on the best products for your bathroom design and budget.


Choose a bathroom installer with a great reputation


Once you have finalised your  bathroom design, and know what products and furniture you are going to have in it, it’s essential to find a bathroom installer that you can trust. One with a great reputation that you know will get the job done the way you want it, and will always let you know what is happening when.


At Stone and Chrome we operate to the highest standards of service; standards that we have developed in our 30+ years of experience in the bathroom industry. We will work closely with you during the installation process and keep you fully informed at every stage.



We would love to help you create the bathroom of your dreams! You can make a start right now by taking a look through our gallery of bathroom images, then make an appointment to come and visit our Camberley showroom. We can share some initial design ideas and can then move into the full design process whenever you are ready to do so.


We hope to meet you soon and get things moving on your exciting bathroom refurbishment journey!

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