Flaming June!!

June is upon us but it’s hardly flaming!   It’s Bank Holiday week – and half term.  So of course it’s raining!   We keep being promised a heatwave and the weather forecast does in fact look a bit more promising for next week.   So who knows?!


But assuming we do get some warm weather at some point, many of us may well be looking back at these cool wet days with a hint of longing.  What is that they say about the grass always being greener on the other side!   We want the sunshine but can then feel too hot when it does arrive.


When the warm days do come one of the coolest places to be in your home is your bathroom!   So make your preparations now while you have the chance.   Then when the time comes you can try one or more of these five ways to chill out in your bathroom!


Drench yourself in a showerScreen Shot 2015-07-31 at 08.08.28

Any shower will do but even better to have a walk in shower or wet room!  That way you can wander in and out until you’re sure you’ve got the temperature just right.   How about this one?   We love the decorative stone work that is somewhat reminiscent of an igloo – which has surely got to help with the chilling process!




Steam away those summer nights

IMG_7715Ironically, sometimes the best way to chill is to heat up!  The old wives tale of hot tea being the best thing to drink on a hot day sounds unlikely but works wonders.  So try indulging yourself in a steam shower.  It will do wonders for your circulation and be of enormous help in regulating your body temperature as well as relaxing you to the core.






Get soaked to the skin

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 08.08.07Often there’s nothing better than a long bath – warm or cool, you choose.  Why not do it in style with an elegant stone bath such as the one pictured here?  Fill the swirling water with lotions and potions of your choice and perhaps add a few candles for good measure.  You can then drift away daydreaming of fairytales and princes – meanwhile soaking away all that summer stress!



Unwind in whirlwind waters

led rightIf you prefer a more active bathing experience then a whirlpool bath is hard to beat!  Not only do you soak and cleanse your skin but also enjoy an invigorating massage at the same time.   A whirlpool bath can provide an all in one summer spa experience that is good for your skin and circulation and muscles – and good for the soul!




Experience your own ambience

You bath or shower experience does not have to be passive.  You can make it into a multidimensional experience by combining it with music, television or film.  There are a wide range of multimedia devices that are designed especially for bathrooms and are totally safe to use in a damp environment.  



ChampagneIt means that you can transform your bathroom time from a purely functional one to a multisensory experience in which you can enjoy entertainment of your choice whilst cleansing body and soul.   You can even add in a glass of champagne for good measure!







At Stone and Chrome we specialise in beautiful bathrooms for all weathers!  Whilst it’s still cool and damp why not pay a visit to our Camberley showroom to see for yourself some of the features mentioned in this article?  Get in touch with us now to arrange your visit.  Then when the promised heatwave does come, you’ll be prepared!

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