Small but Glorious

ojQQ6lG0Britain loves the underdog!   At 5:30pm today millions of us will be glued to our televisions willing Crystal Palace to beat Manchester United and win the FA Cup.  Which is no detriment at all to Manchester United, a wonderful and successful team that consistently brightens up the football landscape.  But there’s just something magical about an unexpected result and we can all identify with the feelgood factor of the surprise winners.




Home is Where the Heart Is!

It’s therefore a little inconsistent therefore that many people are wary of using small businesses for products and services in the home.   We seem to have a comfort zone that doggedly prefers to play it safe and use larger chains and better known brands.  We do this even though we realise that the end result is likely to be incredibly similar to everyone else’s.   It may be a case of the head ruling the heart:  but home is supposed to be where the heart is!   Perhaps it’s time to change our thinking and follow our instinctive understanding that small can indeed be glorious!

Is Satisfactory Good Enough?

For example, if you are planning to build or install a new bathroom you could go to one of the big chains for supply and installation and end up with a perfectly satisfactory outcome.   But is satisfactory what you really want?   If you want something a bit more individualistic, something that stands out from the crowd; perhaps even something custom designed and made for you, then you will need to cast your net a little wider.


At Stone and Chrome we are passionate about bathrooms!  We are a family business with over 25 years experience in the design, supply and installation of distinctive luxury bathrooms.  We also take pride in using a lot of natural products in our bathrooms and are able to produce distinctive bespoke items in our designs.

Your Ideas Not Ours!

Another of our key strengths is that we understand that you will have your own ideas about what you want in your bathroom and how you want the finished result to look.   We will work with those ideas rather than trying to shoehorn them into a more standard design.   We enjoy creating the bathroom that you want, and that is right for your home, rather than a clone of someone else’s.


Although we are small we have the highest quality computer aided design software so that when a bathroom is being designed you will be able to see just how your bathroom will look on completion.  You will be able to discuss your own ideas more easily having seen a 3D image of the room.  You will also have the reassurance of knowing before installation work starts that everything will actually fit in your space!


See for Yourself!


A Stone & Chrome designed bathroom or wetroom has a distinct timeless appearance and we love to incorporate innovative features into our designs such as clever storage ideas and the use of subtle but effective LED accent lighting.  


Below are a few examples of our work: you can easily picture how beautiful a Stone & Chrome bathroom would look in your home!


This room was once three rooms. A WC room, bathroom and a cupboard. We knocked it into one to create one large famil bathroom with a gorgeous freestanding bath and linear shower enclosure.
This room was once three rooms. A WC room, bathroom and a cupboard. We knocked it into one to create one large family bathroom with a gorgeous freestanding bath and linear shower enclosure.

Stone & Chrome KBB entry Project over £25k CAD image 3


Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 08.08.28




Stevenson Full Size


















Our Camberley showroom has full sized wetroom, steamroom and bathroom displays, fully tiled with natural stone.  Why not come and visit?   It will give you some fantastic ideas and inspiration – and show you the quality of our workmanship.  Contact us here to arrange a time.
So, good luck to Crystal Palace today – unless you’re a staunch Manchester United fan of course!    Small can indeed be glorious!

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