Hygge bathrooms!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 08.08.28At Stone and Chrome we keep coming across a previously unfamiliar Danish word hygge (pronounced like cougar).  There is no direct English translation of this word, but if you try and encapsulate the feelings of being cosy or snug or comfortable, or enjoying those special moments with loved ones, or simply soaking up a beautiful sunset or breathtaking scene or wonderful music then you’re at least part of the way to understanding hygge!  


At this time of year we need a bit of hygge in our lives.  The festive season is but a dim and distant memory, mornings and evenings are still dark, money is tight, and most of us will have achieved an epic fail on our New Year’s resolutions!  So here are our Top Ten Tips for bringing a little hygge into your bathroom!



1. Whirlpool bath

The only thing that could be better than a long soak in a nice warm bath is a long soak in a nice whirlpool bath!   Imagine whiling away those long winter nights being gently massaged by jets of water.  Good for the circulation, the joints, the skin – and relieving stress and improving your sense of well-being.  Hygge personified!


2. Walk this way!

Why have an over bath shower or shower cubicle when you can have a walk in shower?  Walk in showers and wet rooms – such as those pictured above and below –  continue to increase in popularity and why not!  Just set the shower running and step into your own personal waterfall …. there’s even enough room to share!


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 17.25.58

3. Let there be light!

One of our trademarks at Stone and Chrome is our subtle use of LED lighting.  This adds warmth and depth to your bathroom experience and can also make a feature of an otherwise purely practical area such as storage shelves. Think of the hygge you feel when you see Christmas lights: now you can experience that all year round!  


4. Chromotherapy

If ethereal lighting in your bathroom is not enough then how about having them in the bath itself!  Many baths – such as the one pictured above – can accommodate coloured lights which can have a positive effect on your state of mind.  Chromotherapy (colour light therapy) is becoming increasingly popular and works on the basis that each colour has a unique energy vibration pattern and therefore different therapeutic effects when people react to them.  Why not try it and see?  


5. Candlelit bath

To complement the above lights why not add a few more of your own?  Candles round the bath cast a warm ambient glow around the room and banish the cares of the day from your mind.   Even better, choose scented candles for superior hygge.


6. Reading in the bath

If you prefer a bit more light in your bathroom then how about generating some hygge with a page-turning novel?  Lie back and become totally absorbed in another world for complete relaxation.


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 17.38.01

7. Television in the bathroom

If you prefer to immerse yourself in a good story without having to turn the pages then why not install a television in your bathroom?  Lie back and relax without having to lift a finger!   See the example in the image on the left and visualise how you could hygge things could be.


8. Music in the bathroom

If you prefer to sit back and close your eyes then the bathroom pictured above also features speakers through which your favourite music could be relayed around your bathroom for the ultimate hygge experience!


9. Steam shower

If you enjoy the steam room in your local gym then why not invest in a steam shower in your bathroom at home?  There are many benefits of a steam shower including detoxing the body, relieving stress and alleviating skin conditions.  The one pictured here has heated seating for the ultimate hygge indulgence!


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 17.41.02

10. Champagne

What better way to add a bit of hygge to your bath or shower than with a nice cool glass of fizz!   The champagne bucket – such as that pictured here – is the ultimate bathroom accessory!



However you define your hygge, let Stone and Chrome help you bring more of it into your life!  Why not come and have a browse round our Camberley showroom to see for yourself how full of hygge a bathroom can be 🙂

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