Making up for lost time


Today is Mother’s Day, the day when we show love and appreciation to our mother.  Yes of course we should be doing this all year round anyway but as with many things sometimes life just takes over and we do not get round to doing it as much as we should. So today is an opportunity to redress the balance.





So what is Mothering Sunday all about?

Mother’s Day occurs on the third Sunday before Easter.  It originated in the 16th century as Mothering Sunday, a day when churchgoers would return to their “mother” church – either the church where they were baptised or more often the nearest cathedral.  This day became a special celebration, with young people who were “in service” being given a day off to be with their families.  Children would pick flowers either to place in the church or give to their mothers and this custom gradually evolved into the Mother’s Day we know today.


Making an hour for Mum!

It is therefore a little unfortunate that this year Mother’s Day has been curtailed by an hour due to the clocks going forward: which means you have one hour less to show your appreciation for Mum today!  This also means that the day is likely to start with that tiresome process of readjusting all the clocks and timers in your home …

So it’s doubly important to make up for this lost time by giving Mum some back!    In amongst everything else you have planned – be it cards, flowers, chocolates or lunch out – why not give Mum what she probably craves more than anything …. a bit of “me time”?

Whatever the age of the mother in your life, a bit of pampering is always appreciated.  But this is probably even more the case if she still has young children to look after and never a minute to herself.  Today you and the children can make that happen …. and not just today!  Why not ensure that there is time set aside regularly for Mum to have a bit of space?








Make the bathroom a haven!

One ideal way in which to carve out this time and ensure that Mum won’t be interrupted is to let her loose in the bathroom!   As can be seen from the images above, if your bathroom is up to the task she could either have an invigorating and refreshing shower or long leisurely bath to ease away the cares of the day.   If the bath is a whirlpool bath like the one featured here she could build in a massage to boot!   


To make the experience even more restful why not add in some of her favourite entertainment – music or a film perhaps – or candles, or even a glass of bubbly!










Looking at the above images may make you realise that your bathroom is not quite in the best shape to give Mum a really relaxing experience!  So why not come and pay us a visit at our Camberley showroom?  We have several ranges of our beautiful bathrooms and wetrooms on display to inspire you.  We’d be happy to discuss your potential requirements in more detail and give you some ideas as to what may work in the space you have available.  You will be able to see for yourself how beautiful a Stone and Chrome bathroom could look in your home!


A new or refurbished bathroom could be an ideal way to give Mum the space she needs to escape from time to time – and could also make a big difference to the overall quality and value of your home.  So this Mother’s Day why not make up for lost time!  Get things moving and start planning the bathroom of your dreams!

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